SECTION 2 – Terms and Conditions of Service

Casual Employees

2.123 Only those employees who are casual are to be placed on zero hours contracts.  A casual is a person who is vetted and contracted so that he or she can be contacted shortly before work is available and offered it for a period of a few hours or days without the need for further contract action. 


2.124 Anyone expected to turn up for work on a regular basis is not a casual and is to have a minimum number of daily hours agreed in their contract.  A requirement to work in excess of these can automatically be made part of the contract where such agreements are necessary for health and safety reasons, e.g. bus escorts. 


Bus Escorts/School Crossing Attendants

2.125 Bus escorts/school crossing attendants are to be paid for hours actually worked.  They must be proficient in spoken English, aged 18 years or over, physically active and have sufficient authoritative presence for the task of maintaining control on the bus.


2.126 Hours of work are to be governed by the time spent by the bus escort on the bus for each journey, and for pay purposes are to be aggregated over the monthly pay period and rounded up to the nearest quarter of an hour.


2.127 Bus escorts/school crossing attendant wages are enhanced by 17.1% to account for loss of pay during school holidays.  Payment will be made on a monthly basis, related to attendance periods.  There is no entitlement to paid annual leave.  Contracts for bus escorts are specifically to state that the salary in issue includes enhancement – incorporating payment for annual leave.  Special leave provisions as contained at paras 2.051 and 2.052 are applicable.