British Forces Germany Health Service's (BFGHS) span of responsibility covers primary and community care as well as secondary healthcare provision to the entitled population at risk (PAR) within BFG and the European Joint Support Unit (EJSU). It is responsible for ensuring that the health and care services provided by SSAFA GSTT Care LLP (The  LLP) under the current contract (HC2013), meets the needs of the BFG entitled population. In Summary: it commissions, it assures, it monitors and it provides government funded assets to assist in the delivery of the service.  

Headquarter Contact Details

Headquarters BFG Health Service
Lake House
Catterick Barracks

BFGHS has commissioned healthcare for military personnel, the civilian support, their dependants and other entitled personnel. Healthcare services for primary, community care and secondary care are provided by SSAFA GSTT Care LLP.



The LLP is responsible for the delivery of services such as GPs, Primary Care Nurses, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Exercise Remedial Instructors, Midwives, Health Vistors, Speech and Language Therapists, Community Psychiatric Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Child Adolescent Mental Health Nurses and Community Children's Nurses.


At a glance

Responsible for the delivery of Primary and Community Care and Secondary Healthcare.

  • One central region (G├╝tersloh, Bielefeld, Paderborn and Sennelager). 
  • 4 Medical Centres.
  • 4 Primary Care Rehabilitation Units (PCRF) and 1 Regional Rehabilitation Unit (RRU).
  • A dedicated Mental Health inpatient unit centrally located at the EvKB Gilead hospital in Bielefeld.
  • Designated German Provider (DGP) hospitals chosen for the wide range of services offered and their proximity to the Garrisons.