Military Personnel on Leave in the UK

Serving personnel requiring urgent emergency Dental treatment whilst on leave in the UK (but not the Channel Islands), wherever they are serving, are to report to the nearest DDS Clinic where the necessary arrangements will be made for treatment. Where this is impractical due to distance or other difficulty, personnel are to seek emergency treatment from a Civilian Dental Practice, normally under National Health Service (NHS) arrangements. Where no NHS facilities are available, emergency treatment may be obtained from private practitioners.

The patient, on return to his Unit, may claim refund of NHS equivalent charges with regards to fees paid on production of a receipt authenticated by his/her Unit DDS Dental Officer. However, a refund is not guaranteed. Similarly, the charges incurred for the urgent repair of a removable denture will be reimbursed on the production of an authenticated receipt. Charges, other than for emergency treatment, are the responsibility of the individual.

Ignoring dental pain until it becomes unbearable will always result in more treatment than if you attend when both the problem and the pain are more manageable.