Payment for Treatment

All treatment is free for military personnel. Treatment for dependants and UKBCs is subject to the NHS Fee Scale.


There are three NHS charge bands, please see the NHS Website for details.


NHS Choices website - How much will I pay for NHS dental treatment?

At the initial inspection potential charges will be discussed and an estimate form raised and signed by the patient before further treatment commences. As the treatment plan may change, your estimate will be discussed at every subsequent appointment.

Following your final appointment, a bill for all of your dental treatment will be produced and given to you to take directly to your Head of Household’s Pay Office. We will immediately inform your Head of Household’s Unit of the outstanding debt.

Payment can be made in cash (Euros) or may be deducted directly from your Head of Household’s pay if they accompany you to the pay office. The receipt must be returned to the Dental Centre in order to close your account for that course of treatment.

Full details on these charges and exemption from charges are available at the Dental Centre.