Work has been ongoing to identify and implement a system of enduring healthcare delivery in support of personnel and their dependent families serving in isolated detachments (ISODET) which are supported by the European Joint Support Unit.

HEALIX International has been selected to provide a service to managing healthcare in ISODET location, locally or, where clinically appropriate, in UK. HEALIX currently provides medical assistance, primary and secondary healthcare and evacuation services to over 19,000 British Government employees and their families based in over 190 countries around the world.

In the future, rather than contacting TAS or the Naples Medical Centre with your medical question or issue you will instead call the HEALIX medical helpdesk for advice. All calls are answered directly by nurses, who are supported by a team of doctors and specialist consultants. The team is highly experienced in international healthcare delivery and is supported by local healthcare providers to facilitate the delivery of your care. HEALIX will use many of the service providers which MOD has used previously, to ensure the minimum disruption to you and your family.

HEALIX will be rolled out in gradual steps. Prior to going live a town hall type briefing meeting will be arranged to answer any questions you may have about the arrangements and information will be sent you personally regarding the new service and any actions you need to take to ensure both you and your family see no disturbance in healthcare provision.

Once the registration becomes available for your area you will be informed and provided with a unique job code to allow you to start the process by visiting: HEALIX requires you and every individual member of your family, to complete an online pre-screening questionnaire. It is important for this task to be completed as soon as is practicable after receiving the job code.

You may wish to note that HEALIX provide a travel App available from the Apple and Google App stores. The App offers up to date information and alerts about your destination, complete country guides and real time alerts offer you the ability to stay abreast of developing situations. It also provides a facility to call HEALIX in an emergency situation. Information on the app can be found at his link. Travel Oracle App