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DPHC Mission:

“Provide and commission safe and effective healthcare which meets the needs of the patient and the chain of command in order to contribute to Fighting Power.”

Complaints About Primary Care

All medical complaints are taken seriously as an integral part of clinical governance and our quest for quality improvement.  Patient safety is paramount and DPHC values all opportunities to learn and to improve patient care as a result of lessons learned from the complaints process. Complainants must be reassured that, as in all medical matter’s confidentiality will be respected and that a complaint will not prejudice current or future treatment, neither will it affect the attitude of staff.

The Medical Complaints Manager (MCM) is the Practice Manager.

Complaints may be:

Informal (may be verbal) medical complaints:

Will be be recorded in the complaints register with a record of any informal resolution achieved or advice to submit a written complaint.

Formal written medical complaints:

These should be signed and dated by the complainant and include:

  • Full contact details
  • A description of the event that took place (with names where possible)
  • Contact details of witnesses or other persons involved
  • The complainants desired outcome should be clearly stated

All complaints are managed in accordance with JSP950 Leaflet 1-2-10 Complaints


Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.  Only members of staff who need to be aware of your complaint will be involved.  Your consent will be requested if we need to pass on your complaint to other organisations, or if we need to access your medical records in order to fully answer your complaint.

Complaining on Behalf of Someone Else

Someone else can make a complaint on your behalf, as long as we receive signed consent for this to take place.  If a parent or guardian complains on behalf of a young person age 16 to 18, consent will be requested from the young person.

Help With Making a Complaint

If you need help making a complaint, please ask to speak with the Practice Manager, SMO or SNO, who will be pleased to assist you.


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