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Please be advised: Post transition negotiations between the EU and UK following Brexit are still continuing, which may also have an effect on German Kindergeld payments pursuant to the prioritisation rule (Regulation EC 883/2004 and 987/2009) after the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020. It is likely that in a no-deal scenario dependents of members of the force or its civilian component will no longer be entitled to the German Kindergeld compensation payments (the payment of which is based on EU law and tied to a membership in the EU/EEU or being a national of an associated country).

Kindergeld Application Forms

pdfKindergeld (Child Benefit) Leaflet in English

pdfKindergeld Application Form KG1e

pdfKindergeld - Appendix to KG1e for each child (Appendix: Child)

pdfKindergeld - Appendix KG51e Other country

pdfKindergeld - Certificate of Marital Status KG53

pdfKindergeld - Status Certificate


Additional Kindergeld Forms

pdfKindergeld - Notification of Change
You must fill this form in if any of your details change, for example on posting, change of address, change of bank details etc.

pdfKindergeld - Declaration of Family Circumstances
The Familienkasse will tell you if you need to fill this form in. 


All You Need to Know About Kindergeld

"Kindergeld" (children money) is the German equivalent of UK Child Benefit and is paid each month to any eligible husband or wife of a member of the Force. It ‘tops up’ the amount of UK Child Benefit you receive to match the amount that you would get if you were a German citizen receiving the full amount of Kindergeld. Broadly speaking, to be eligible for Kindergeld as an Entitled person, you must be an EU citizen, resident in Germany with dependent status of a serving soldier or UKBC, and not be a serving soldier or UKBC yourself. You must also already be eligible to receive UK Child Benefit. If you do not claim UK Child Benefit because your income is over the threshold, you will still be eligible to the Kindergeld "top up". Kindergeld will only be granted for children that are full-time resident in Germany, which excludes children that are primarily resident in the UK, e.g. children that attend boarding school.

How to apply

Kindergeld application forms and guidance can be downloaded above or from The forms above can be filled in on your computer and printed. Please save a copy of the completed forms for your records and remember to sign the printed forms before posting to the Familienkasse.

PLEASE NOTE that when you first register a new-born child and you are already receiving Kindergeld for another child, you have to submit another application form (KG1e) as well as the the Appendix to KG1e, which has to be filled in for each child. You also need to send a copy (not the original) of the birth certificate.

Delays to payment

Many dependants who are in receipt of Kindergeld, or have applied for it, are still waiting for a response and/or a payout from “Familienkasse” Bayern Nord, the institution responsible for making payments.There are several reasons for this, and the following information may help you to understand where your application is in the process.

Delay on initial application

The Familienkasse only have a small team of experts dealing with all NATO families in Germany.  As long as the Familienkasse have received your application, they are legally bound to process it, even if you have already moved back to the UK (but remember to give them your UK address).

If you have applied for Kindergeld already but have not heard anything and will shortly be moving within Germany or to the UK, please complete the “Notice of Change” form and submit to the Familienkasse in order that they can contact and/or pay you.

If you applied for Kindergeld over three months ago but have not yet received communication from them, please contact them by email (see ‘Contacting the Familienkasse’ below.)

Kindergeld payments stopped

If you are already in receipt of Kindergeld but it has recently stopped, there are several reasons which may explain why this has happened.

  1. Change of posting date: Has your posting date changed? When you initially applied for Kindergeld, you will have provided your expected posting date from Germany, and the Familienkasse will stop paying your Kindergeld on this date. If your tour was extended, you need to inform the Familienkasse of this by completing and submitting the “Notice of Change” form.

  2. Change of address: Have you moved since you submitted your Kindergeld application? If you did not provide the  Familienkasse with your new address they may have sent  renewal information to your previous address, and with no response will assume that you have already left Germany  and stopped making payments to you. If you think this applies to you, complete the "Notice of change" form and submit to the Familienkasse.

  3. Ignored request for information: Have you received any letters from the Familienkasse and ignored them because they were in German? If so, you may have missed important information, including updates to your amount, or a deadline for providing them with updated information. If you are unsure of what to do, DO NOT MISS THE DEADLINE, but take any correspondence to the translators located in Paderborn and Sennelager HIVEs or the SLO's office in your garrison for assistance with translation and what information is being sought. If you miss the deadline, your Kindergeld will be stopped until you provide the required information, and there will be no back payment. The translators must not, however, fill in the forms for you: you are solely responsible for filling in the application and renewal forms. It is your signature that is at the bottom!

  4. Change to UK Child Benefit Amount: If the amount of UK Child Benefit you receive has changed, this will be communicated to the Familienkasse at the end of the UK Tax Year.  The Kindergeld team will recalculate the amount that you receive a result although there could be a slight delay in payment whilst the recalculation is undertaken. If this applies to you, be patient, but contact the Familienkasse by e-mail if your payments have not resumed within eight weeks.

  5. Request for repayment of overpayment:  Due to a change in the exchange rate, many individuals in receipt of Kindergeld have received a letter seeking repayment of money overpaid to you. If the amounts are small, your Kindergeld payments may be stopped for a month or two to reclaim the overpayment back: larger amounts may need to be paid back in a lump sum. The letter should give you instructions on how to do this. Again, if you are not sure of what the letter says, please visit one of the translators for assistance.

  6. Annual renewal: You may have received a letter from the Familienkasse in the past requesting you to fill in the application form again for your annual renewal. If you normally receive such a letter and did not this year, or if your payments have stopped although none of the above points apply to you, contact the Familienkasse by e-mail as they may be waiting for you to re-apply for annual renewal.

Moving – Leaving Germany

When you leave Germany permanently, you MUST inform the Familienkasse of your departure date as soon as your departure date has been confirmed. Failure to do so and continuing to receive Kindergeld counts as fraud: when this is discovered, the Familienkasse will ask the UK Child Benefits team to freeze your UK Child Benefit account until the amount of Kindergeld paid to you fraudulently is repaid. You are also likely to be charged with fraud in a German court. Please use the pdfKindergeld - Notification of Change form to inform the Familienkasse and to give them your forwarding address and your UK bank details so that any balance can be paid to you. 

If you are moving within Germany, please also use the pdfKindergeld - Notification of Change form to tell the Familienkasse your forwarding address and notify them of any change to your bank details.

Contacting the Familienkasse (Kindergeld Authority)

Should you need to contact the Familienkasse, you should e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (please note the changed address) in German or use the forms in English and German. All telephone calls go to a service centre, not the Familienkasse staff and they can only confirm that your application has been received or check if there is information missing. If you send an e-mail, it gives the Familienkasse more time to look into your query, and also gives you proof that you tried to contact them, provided you save the email.

Should you need to send the Familienkasse information, please do so either electronically or by post (not both, since all incoming documents are scanned in and doubling the information may cause confusion!). You can fax them on 0911 529 1335 or can em-mail them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Always keep a photocopy for your records of what you send them. The address for postal correspondence is:

Familienkasse Bayern-Nord
90316 Nürnberg.  

Further information

If you have any questions about Kindergeld, please contact your Unit Welfare Office in the first instance. If they are not able to answer your question, they will be able to contact the SLO Assistant in your garrison on your behalf, who may be able to assist you further.