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This section is designed to provide guidance for your move within Germany or to elsewhere within the forces world.

You will be supported in your move and the processes and entitlements may differ according to your individual circumstances. The information provided here is generic and not exhaustive, so please check with your Unit Welfare Office or HR Office for full details.

In addition to guidance provided in this section, your local HIVE can provide a leaving pack for you including information on your new destination.

This section covers steps to take to plan your move within or outside BFG. This includes removals, travel arrangements, as well as household and finance matters.

The section provides a summary checklist of requirements for moves. This should be used in conjunction with the more detailed guidance outlined in Your Move.

This section covers information and guidance for those moving as part of the Rebasing Moves.

This section covers guidance for UKBC/T staff, and should be used in conjunction with the information in the rest of Leaving BFG.