Leaving Checklist

Please use this checklist in conjunction with the detail provided in this Leaving BFG section. 

6 – 3 Months before leaving

Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA)

If applicable, request a new certificate of eligibility via JPA, to claim the CEA.


Ensure you and your family have European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) for travelling through the EU to the UK.

Vehicle Licensing

Check Vehicle Licensing timelines for de-registering vehicles and process for registering in UK.

Passports and Visas

Ensure all passports and visas are up to date.


Provide line management and Labour Support Unit (LSU) 8 weeks notice of termination of employment.

Telecoms Contracts

Cancel telephone and internet contracts.


Check import arrangements for pets and make quarantine arrangements as necessary.

3 – 1 Months before leaving

Travel Arrangements

Book travel and keep receipts for relevant claims.

German Contracts

Cancel all German insurance / service contracts.

UK Contracts

Initiate UK insurance / service contracts as necessary.


Cancel payments if applicable.

Pet Passports and Injections

Ensure rabies vaccination is up to date and pet passports are in order.

School and Nurseries

Inform children’s schools / playgroups of your move.


Complete private firearm registration procedures.

Final Month before leaving


Make arrangement to re-direct your mail.


Apply for advance of relevant expenses.


Consider the need for your German bank account and make arrangements to close if necessary


Pay outstanding mess and nursery bills plus final telephone / internet bill.

UK Benefits

Consider the need for UK benefits including Tax Credits; Child Benefit and Job Seeker’s Allowance.


Ensure final tick and tapeworm treatment at your vets.


De-register with medical and dental centres and re-register in new location.

Civilian and Dependant ID Cards

Hand in BFG ID Cards.

Schools and Nurseries

Contact schools /playgroup /nurseries in new location to secure places. Please note school transition should be started well in advance of 6 months before leaving. 

Transit Insurance

Take out additional transit insurance for movement of household contents.


Hand in BFBS Set Top Box to SSVC.