Welcome to your final edition of the Rebasing and Drawdown Bulletin. In this edition we cover a number of important areas that you need to understand when planning your family’s move in detail.

In this edition we have focussed on addressing some of the concerns that we have picked up from the BFG community, as well as feedback from families that rebased to Bulford in 2016.

In this edition, we have included some aspects of the UK that make it a great place to live. We hope that these enthuse you and help you view your move this summer in the most positive way.

In this edition of the BFG RB and DD Bulletin you will find an updated Rebasing Roadmap for 2019 as well as the Service Closure Plan.
The Roadmap has been updated from the version that you received in May 2018.

In this edition, we are highlighting the finance management aspects of rebasing and introduce you to tools that can help you understand and manage your finances now and into the future.

In this edition of the Bulletin we focus on how you can access dental and healthcare during the drawdown of facilities across BFG. It will also help you understand how the NHS will deliver healthcare to those moving to the UK.

In this edition of Bulletin we explain some of the housing related processes BFG personnel must go through including the timings of key appointments and deadlines, the allocation panel process, removals allowances etc.

In this edition of the Rebasing (RB) and Drawdown (DD) bulletin we will focus on transitioning to life in Germany, for those looking to remain in Germany post drawdown of BFG in September 2019.

In this edition of the Rebasing (RB) and Drawdown (DD) bulletin we focus on employment and training for spouses/ civil partners and older children returning to the UK job market after leaving Germany.

In this edition of the Bulletin we focus on housing options when returning to the UK. We aim to provide information on initiatives that will either be of interest to you, or will affect you as service families in the future.