If you are moving due to unit rebasing, then this section will provide advice and guidance.

General Information

There is an Army Movement Guide film which details the end to end process of moving from Germany to the UK under the Army Basing Programme and is aimed at Service personnel, civil servants and their families. The film has been divided into chapters, some of these are generic and applicable to everyone, while others are specific based on personal circumstances.

An Army Basing Programme Newsletter is also published.

Families, military personnel and MOD (UKBC) employees will be moved by an MOD appointed contractor. The lift will be based on the survey volume conducted. 

If you are rebasing to Scotland, within Germany, or to a country other than the UK then you will need to self-book through the normal Agility booking website.

For all bulk moves the following will apply:

  • Up to 67.92 cubic meters can be moved at public expense (up to 6 cubic meters for Single Soldiers)
  • The additional packaging for a sea move will not reduce the volume entitlement to be moved. 
  • Packing and loading will be completed by qualified professional packing teams under the supervision of the appointed contractor. 

Please note: If the survey confirms that individuals have more than 67.92 cubic metres, they will need to either; make their own arrangements to move it; or dispose of items.

Personnel can make alterations to the volume of their consignment after survey however they should advise the surveyor at survey if they plan to buy new furniture or large items so this can be taken into account.

Move dates

Units and supporting organisations have been allocated removal slots for all personnel over a number of weeks determined partly by unit/HR commitments and the differing school term times in Scotland. 

The exact date for individuals to move will be determined with Unit Welfare Teams and they will ensure wherever possible that school aged children move in the school holiday period.

If there is a serious problem with the date you have been allocated for removal then contact your UWO/ HR Office as soon as possible. The high volume of removals during the rebasing period mean that only extraordinary cases will be granted changes to their removals dates.


All personal belongings situated within the property and scheduled for movement will be packed within the walls of the property and not carried outside for packing. This is to prevent damage in the case of inclement weather. Because of the constraints in the streets of the Married Quarters/private hiring areas your household effects will be packed inside the property.

When packing is complete a vehicle will be called forward and the consignment will be loaded as an individual dedicated task so as to not block the streets with multiple vehicles. Your belongings will not be left in the street following packing.

Once loaded on the vehicle, the consignment will then be taken straight to the new place of residence. The majority of consignments will utilise 45 ft shipping containers that will not be grounded (taken off the truck) and there will be no delay in moving.

Self packing of boxes is not recommended, and the appointed contractor will not be able to provide empty boxes in advance of the removals date. Any self packed boxes must be robust and left unsealed to allow the contractor to check contents before it will be accepted for shipping.

Contraband or items classed as Dangerous Goods items must not be consigned and the contractor will check for contraband items as will be explained at the survey.


The transit time for consignments to move to UK will be as they are currently:

  • Germany to England is 7 days
  • Germany to Scotland is 7-11 days


Where delivery addresses are not known, the assigned Garrison area is sufficient.

You will be notified by your unit Welfare Officer/HR office of planned delivery dates. The contractor will unload the belongings into the new property, and will completely unpack should you ask them to. Meet the removals at the agreed time and relax whilst they do their job on your behalf.

You will need to be ready to meet the contractors from 0830 on the day of delivery. Traffic may cause the contractor to deliver after that point, but they will endeavour to arrive on time. The head of household or nominated representative must ensure that they are present at the property at the appointed time. Any concerns on the day should be addressed to your Military Housing Liaison Officer. 


Insurance of goods in transit is a personal responsibility and it is recommended that Transit New for Old cover is taken out from one of the many companies offering such insurance.

It is not recommended to rely on your normal household cover as any claim would result in a much higher premium for many years to come.

Remember that your Disturbance Expenses includes an element for the purchase of insurance.

Hotel Booking

Transit Accommodation

If you require accommodation once your furniture has been packed, please check with your UWO or HR Office for the correct procedure.

Families/UKBC/Contractors are to confirm their entitlement through their UWO/HR office including the process for booking.

Military personnel must have a completed JPA F008 – ‘Non-Availability Certificate of Service Accommodation / Messing’ in order to claim Day and Night Subsistence Allowance. This is available on Dii.

Consideration must be given for accommodation requirements before and after crossing the ‘Sea Gap’. Consider move in/out of SFA, removals and transit.

All families, military personnel and MOD (UKBC) employees are mandated to use the Hotel Reservation Group (HRG) to book their hotel accommodation through their respective UWO/HR office.

HRG are satisfied that they can meet all family and individual needs in booking their hotel accommodation.

Bookings will not be processed for ‘off route’ unless authorised. i.e. family stopover in Euro Disney prior to arrival in UK.

Book reservations as soon as you are aware of removal dates.

Travel Arrangements

The choice is yours as to which route you take! – Air or Surface

Applications for ferry and air bookings are to be submitted to your admin office ideally 6 weeks before you wish to travel for forwarding to the Bielefeld Travel Centre (BTC) or booking agent. UKBC staff may elect to self book travel. You should give as much notice as you can, particularly if you are moving pets by surface to ensure kennelling is available on those services that do provide. (Dover-Calais ferry services do not!)

Military families are entitled to move up to 2 vehicles and single personnel 1 vehicle at public expense by surface. UKBC staff should confirm their entitlements prior to making any booking though their admin/HR department. The admin office will pre-book space for your pets, caravans and trailers but will need to be paid for by the individual direct to the travel operator once you have received your booking reference.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Head of household deployed
A. If the Head of household is deployed or absent at the time of the survey we have asked that, when requested, units provide assistance to spouses.

Q. Moving to my own property
A. The bulk moves contract will move you and your family from Germany to a UK Married Quarter or to your own property wherever that is located in UK. Alternatively, personnel may use the bulk move contract to move from a Married Quarter to their future residence across Europe.

Q. Excess amounts
A. The contractor will not move any goods in excess of the 67.92 cubic metre maximum allowance surveyed (even on repayment); anything above that quantity will be a personal responsibility to move or dispose of.

Q. Minor Units
A. If you belong to a minor unit and/or do not have a Unit Welfare Team, you will be assisted by your Garrison HQ staff.

A. For administration purposes, and on an exceptional basis, all UKBC/T in closing Stations will receive the full unaccompanied baggage allowance of 67.92 cubic metres and will receive specific information on allowances from the DBS Overseas Posting Cell in the normal manner. 

Q. Further Questions
A. Any questions should be addressed initially to your Unit Welfare Team.