Here is a list of things that you need to think about with regards to moving out of your Service Family Accommodation (SFA) in Germany and moving back to the UK. SFA in Germany consist of a mixture of federal properties and hirings.

SFA Differences

Many people find that the houses and flats in Germany are more generously sized than those in the UK. Your SFA in the UK may not give you all of the storage space to which you are accustomed or large items of furniture may not fit well into UK SFA. Now is the final time to clear out the clutter!

Application Process for SFA

You will receive an Assignment Order (AO) or Cert in lieu, at which point you can apply for SFA in the UK using the online e-1132 form. The form can be found at You will need to access this via a DII terminal, so ask in your unit RAO department or Unit Welfare Office (UWO) if you cannot access a DII terminal. You will need an MOD email address to register. If it has been a while since you applied for UK SFA, you will notice a few changes as you fill in the e1132 – you can now see photographs of houses to which you are entitled to help you to identify you preferences. 

Those moving as part of a unit move, need to complete an e-1132 form but instead of entering an AO number, use the “unit move” button. This will ensure your SFA requirement is correctly dealt with under separate, bulk allocation arrangements. If you are not part of a Unit Move, it is especially important to touch base with your UWO, as they may have additional forms for you to fill out to help them administer the move from their end.


our removals will be provided under the Global Removals Management Service provided locally by Agility Logistic Limited (Agility). Follow the link for more information

Please note Agility may sub-contract to other removal firms. 

Defence Accomodation Stores (DAS)

Personnel who currently have DAS items in their quarter will be given the opportunity to purchase them when they leave BFG. 

If you wish to purchase DAS items you should identify these during your Pre-Move Out visit (Pre-MO) to your Housing and Estates Manager (HEM). This should take place before the Agility survey. The Pre-MO is conducted by your HEM who will advise you on the procedures and price list for you to purchase DAS items.

To give you an idea of costings, the approximate cost of a dining table is £30 and each dinning chair is appproximately £10.  It should be noted that if you do not have the full inventory of DAS items, or proof that you have purchased the items, the missing DAS items will be billed at full cost. 

Survey and Allowances

SFA surveys will take place a number of months prior to your planned move date. 

The standard allowance for your families’ move to the UK is 67.92m³. If you make any last minute purchases: you can still add these to your loading list either at the time of survey or by notifying your UWO (assuming that the overall volume does not exceed your cubic metre allowance). Agility do not need to know about smaller items but they will need to know if you have (or intend to) purchase a new fridge or sofa which was not listed at the time of survey. 

To figure the cubic metre capacity of an item, multiply height x width x depth (for example: a small fridge is 1m high x 0.7m wide x 0.6m deep, giving a cubic capacity of 0.42m³). Once you have calculated the additional m³ capacity you should inform your UWO who will ensure that Agility add this to your loading list.

Any additional items or increased volume within your overall allowance, not accounted for at the time of survey or notified to the UWO, WILL NOT BE MOVED.


Personnel should remain vigilant while their removal trucks/containers are open and in the process of being loaded to ensure that nothing is added or removed from your load. A responsible adult should remain with the removals container at all times.

Service Family Accommodation

Attics and Cellars

Agility surveyors or packers will not enter to measure or remove any items stored in attics or cellars. If you have any items stored in attics or cellars it is your responsibility to: 

  • Inform the surveyor at the time of survey exactly what is stored there by size (height x width x depth) so that this can included in the amount of your personal goods to be moved.
  • Move all items from the attics or cellars prior to the removal team’s arrival and put in another room for packing.

Bulk Rubbish

If you have a large bulk refuse requirement you can book direct with your local Stadt to have your bulk rubbish removed or request assistance from your Station Housing Office who will be able to help. The bulk rubbish removal service is a personal cost.

Pre-Move out (Pre-MO) / Move Out (MO) 

Pre-MO visits can be booked through your Housing Office. If you are unavailable you can nominate a represent to be present. The representative must be empowered to sign a bill for damages and deficiencies on your behalf. A proxy form will need to be signed to allow your representative to stand in during MO appointments. 

Please note for Pre-MO visits either the Head of Household or their spouse must be present. 

Cleaning of SFA and Move Out (MO)

Cleaning standards will be in line with JSP 464.  If you have a domestic pet(s), you will be required to provide
evidence that the floor coverings and/or soft furnishings have (in the case of cats and dogs) been professionally cleaned or you have self administered an appropriate pesticide and/or deodorising treatment prior to moving out. 

The MO standards and requirements, including proof of pet cleaning, will be covered by the HEM at the Pre-MO visit. 

Dont' Forget

You can contact or visit your local Housing Office with any questions you have. No question is too small or silly. You can call Paderborn Station Housing Office on 05254 982 4435.

Raising of Charges

If at MO the SFA fails to meet the cleaning standards set out at Pre-MO, you will be liable to pay the full Married Quarter Cleaning Service charge applicable to your SFA. It will not be possible to delay the MO.

Charges will also be raised at the time of MO for any damage and/or loss to your SFA or DAS items that are deemed to be caused by the Head of Household, members of their family, visitors or pets.

Retention of SFA

Should you feel that you have a legitimate requirement to remain in your quarter following your Head of Household’s departure, please ensure that you have discussed this fully with your Unit Welfare Officer at the earliest opportunity. 

Single Soldiers Living Accommodation

Remember to always follow packing guidance and timeframes given by your units and ensure items listed as restricted are not packed. 

Removal Allowances

The Personal Effects (PE) scale for personnel for single or unaccompanied soldiers is 6m³ (1078 Kg) to, from and within the UK and North West Europe. This equates to 18 standard size MFO boxes. 

Bulk Unit Rebasing moves single and unaccompanied soliders belongings will be consolidated under the direction of the Unit QM. 

For full details of your unit’s direction on moving unaccompanied baggage please contact your Unit RQMS or CQMS.

Moving to Your Own Home?

If you currently have the property rented you will need to give your tenants notice. Check the terms and conditions of the contract and allow plenty of time. If you find yourself without accommodation, you may be able to take advantage of the temporary housing available at the Services Cotswold Centre. For more information please visit:

If you are thinking about renting or buying in the UK, Money Force, Joint Support Housing Advice Office (JSHAO) and GOV.UK can provide advice. 

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