This section is to support UKBC/T during the move back to the UK. This includes transport, entitlement, hotels travel and much more. Start planning now!

Defence Business Services (DBS) Relocations 

DBS Relocations will send you an End of Overseas Tour questionnaire, which will enable them to understand your specific circumstances and determine what
your entitlements are when leaving Germany. This will not affect your allowance for baggage removals. This will be sent to you 6 months before your End of Tour. You will need to advise DBS Relocations should your circumstances change between completing your questionnaire and leaving Germany e.g. you subsequently receive a permanent UK posting which is outside the travel to work area of your current UK dormitory area.

If you are posted to another overseas location DBS Relocations will send an Inter-Overseas Posting Questionnaire.

Relocation Entitlements 

DBS are responsible for assessing and authorising all relocation entitlements once the returning to the UK from overseas questionnaire has been completed and returned. However, due to the number of families rebasing from Germany in 2019, household removals and travel willl be coordinated through your Welfare Office in Bielefeld or Paderborn Station. This means they will determine the exact date for your survey and removals, taking into account your specific requirements.

The Overseas Civilian Transfer Policy provides full details on the allowances and entitlements available to UKBC/Ts. This new combined policy replaces all previous policy documents relating to UKBC/T overseas employment.


There are a number of scenarios UKBC/T personnel usually fall within when leaving an overseas posting The three most common are detailed below:

Transferring to a New Post

Once you have accepted a new post your details
will be processed through the DBS recruitment and on-boarding teams. Once this action is complete, your details will be forwarded to DBS relocations.

Please note that if you are a Priority Mover (i.e. within the last 6 months of your overseas tour) and your new post involves a change in permanent duty station, as a ‘non-standard mover’ you may qualify for UK relocation entitlements. DBS Relocations will advise on your entitlements and, if appropriate, ask you to complete HR form 043.

Returning to the UK Without a Post

Your Line Manager is responsible for issuing you with a Priority Mover letter six months before your End of Tour date. A copy of this letter is sent to DBS Relocations. You will be expected to return to your permanent duty station.

Leaving the MOD

If you leave the Department on VERs, resignation or resignation with pension, your details will be processed through the DBS leavers’ team. They will process any paperwork required and send this to DBS Relocations.

If you are resigning with pension at the end of your tour, you will need to give at least 4 months notice, by completing HR Form 034, to ensure your pension will be immediately available following your last day of service.

Top Tip!

Airlines and ferry companies’ rules differ regarding travelling during pregnancy: please check with individual companies when planning your move.

Preliminary Visit (PV) to the UK

If you are returning to the UK to take up a new post you may be entitled to a PV, which allows you and, where appropriate, entitled members of your family to return to the UK before you come to the end of your tour in Germany. A PV is generally authorised if your new post is outside of reasonable daily travel from your previous UK home and you have to look for a new home. A PV may also be authorised if you previously sold your home as a result of moving overseas. DBS will advise you on your specific situation. Please note that the expenditure incurred on a PV is limited to the costs incurred in the UK and therefore if undertaking the PV prior to returning to the UK it will be your responsibility to pay for travel costs from Germany to UK.

Transfer Grant 

UKBC/T staff will be entitled to 50% of the Overseas Transfer Grant which can be claimed using HR Form 060.

Those returning to a new UK duty station for which a move of home has been authorised, the UK Transfer Grant may be claimed using HR Form 053.

Travel to the UK

UKBC/T and recognised dependants are entitled to return travel to the UK. This can be either official means of travel or Privately Arranged Travel (PAT). Claims for PAT should be made using HR Form 059.

Please note that for UKBC/Ts, MOD will only pay for one car to be returned to the UK at public expense.


Make sure that you hand in all passes prior to leaving Germany. These may include: Car Passes, ID Cards, Installation Passes, Ration Cards and ARAL Cards.

Hotel Accommodation Before Leaving Germany 

If necessary on Move-Out, UKBC/T and recognised dependants are entitled to up to 6 nights hotel accomodation and subsistence, as per the limits in the Defence Travel Guide.

Book all hotel accommodation and travel via your BFG Unit Admin Office.

Please note that the payment of COLA will cease from the date you enter hotel accommodation. You are responsible for sumitting HR Form 1901 to stop COLA payments from that date.

Hotel Accommodation Upon Arrival in the UK

UKBC/T and recognised dependants are entitled to up to 7 nights hotel accommodation and subsistence, as per the limits of the Defence Travel Guide. Subsequent claims should be submitted on HR Form 059.

Resettlement Leave 

If you are returning to the UK to an MOD post you are entitled to 1 week special paid leave immediately on return. If you have returned to the UK on retirement or resignation, resettlement leave is not given.

The information contained in this section is for guidance only and must be read in conjunction with your DBS issued tourex pack and the Overseas Civilian Transfer Policy. DBS are the authority for assessing and authorising individual entitlements and all queries regarding your move should be directed to them.