Without doubt you will have a whole raft of domestic arrangements to make when preparing to move back to the UK. If you are locally employed by British Forces Germany (BFG) as a ‘Dependant’ then these ‘Top Ten Tips’ may help you to plan ahead to best effect:


  1. Ensure that you hand in your Notice in good time: Please submit a letter of termination to your Labour Support Unit (LSU) no later than 8 weeks in advance of your intended final day of employment.  Do not presume that this notice is not required even if you have already been advised by LSU when your job is due to be terminated officially. The LSU will then be able to help you by completing all the necessary documentation you will need for the UK. Exceptions can be made in the case of short notice postings, health and domestic reasons. – Get in touch early – Help us to Help you!

  2. Ensure that the LSU has a forwarding address for you: LSU may have correspondence for you after your departure from BFG.

  3. Have you thought about your final salary payment? Don’t forget to let your LSU know when you will be closing your German Bank Account and provide details of a UK Bank Account for final salary payment and/or Gratuity.

  4. Have you received your Notification of Termination - BFG Form 126: Your LSU will automatically issue you with a BFG Form 126 on receipt of your letter of termination. This confirms your period of employment and your reason for leaving work. This may assist if/when you visit your local benefits office in the UK.

  5. Need proof of National Insurance Contributions? Keep hold of your final pay slip, it will show all national insurance contributions made whilst employed by BFG. This is important when/if claiming benefits. If you have gaps in your employment history you may be entitled to National Insurance Credits:
    2010DIN01-076 refers. (or see the aff website - nicredits)

  6. Request a reference from your Line Manager or LSU. Your Line Manager or LSU will be able to provide you with an Employers reference.

  7. Looking for employment in the UK? Go online to find lots of useful information - The following websites may be of interest to you:
  8. Need help with CV writing/Interview Skills? Contact LEC Support Services.

  9. Interested in Training/Updating your skills? Gain a new qualification/skill or simply brush up an existing one, e.g., IT Skills, ECDL, NVQ - LEC Support Services may be able to assist with funding

  10. Want to run your own business, be your own boss? Free business start-up course and mentoring programme for Service Dependants, run by experienced and knowledgeable business advisors. Full details at: http://www.wlv.ac.uk/study-here/hm-armed-forces/business-start-up-courses/dependants-business-start-up-programme/


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