1. The aim of this section is to detail the normal UKBC/T personnel administrative requirements needed to support UKBC/T staff leaving Germany.
    N.B.  Separate instructions are issued for staff leaving from Closing Units in 2016.

  2. DBS Civilian Personnel – Process of Posting/Relocation
    1. Returning to a new post - Details of your new post will be processed through the DBS Recruitment/Onboarding team. Once their actions are complete your details are forwarded to DBS Relocations.
    2. Returning to UK Without a Permanent Post – Your details will be forwarded to DBS Relocations once DBS have received a copy of your Priority Mover letter from your line manager.
    3. Leaving MOD - Details of your VERs/resignation/retirement will be processed through the DBS Leavers team who will process any paperwork required prior to forwarding your details to DBS Relocations.

  3. Once transfer/resignation/VERs/Priority Movers letter is processed, DBS Relocations will contact you at least 8 weeks prior to your posting via e-mail with an End of Tour Questionnaire which should be completed and returned by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This will provide DBS with the necessary information to establish your entitlements, including unaccompanied baggage allowance.  DBS will then issue you with an individual Posting Pack by email containing your entitlements. and providing you with the authority to contact Agility to organise your household survey and movement of your unaccompanied baggage.

  4. Entitlements. The information contained in this section is for guidance only and must be read in conjunction with the individual tourex packs which will   be issued by DBS Relocations, who are the authority which assesses and authorises individual entitlements. Additional information can be found in the PRG at the links below:
    1. http://authdefenceintranet.diif.r.mil.uk/Organisations/Orgs/HOCS/Organisations/Orgs/DBS/PeopleServices/MovingJobs/Changinglocationoverseas/Pages/PRGChangeofWorkLocationReturningfromOverseas.aspx
    2. http://authdefenceintranet.diif.r.mil.uk/Organisations/Orgs/HOCS/Organisations/Orgs/DBS/PeopleServices/MovingJobs/ChanginglocationUK/Pages/PRGChangeofWorkLocationintheUK.aspx

  5. The following provides an overview of the assistance that the majority of UKBC/T staff can expect.
    1. Transfer Grant – UKBC/T staff will be entitled to 50% of the Overseas Transfer Grant. As at Jan 2016 the 50% rates are £1129 for Married Accompanied or equivalent staff and £686.50 for Single and Married Unaccompanied staff. The overseas transfer grant is claimed on HR Form 060.  Alternatively if you are returning to a new UK duty station for which a move of home has been authorised the appropriate UK Transfer Grant may be paid.
    2. Unaccompanied Baggage – DBS will calculate your unaccompanied baggage allowance and providing you with the authority to contact Agility to organise your household survey and movement of your unaccompanied baggage.  It is your responsibility to properly insure your unaccompanied baggage while in transit. DBS Relocations will refund the additional cost of transit insurance provided you can demonstrate that you currently have an overseas household insurance policy.
    3. Repatriation – Return of UKBC/T and recognised members of household to the UK. (DBS Relocations will confirm which “dependants” are recognised members of household).  This can be either the official means of travel or Privately Arranged Travel by car. Claims should be submitted on a HR Form 059. Please note that MOD will only pay for one car to be returned to UK.
    4. Hotel Accommodation (Prior to Departure) – If necessary on “march-out” UKBC/T and recognised members of household are entitled to up to 6 nights hotel accommodation and meals allowances subject to the limits in the Defence Travel Guide. Hotels should be booked through HRG (Defence Travel) and subsequent claims should be submitted on a HR Form 059.
      Note: Payment of COLA ceases from the date you take up Hotel Accommodation and you must submit an HR Form 1901 to end COLA payments accordingly.
    5. Hotel Accommodation (Arrival in UK) – UKBC/T and recognised members of household are entitled to up to 7 nights hotel accommodation and meal costs subject to the limits in the Defence Travel Guide. Hotels should be booked through HRG (Defence Travel) and subsequent claims should be submitted on a HR Form 059.
    6. Resettlement Leave. If you are returning to a MOD post in UK you are entitled to one week special paid leave immediately on return. This leave is not applicable if you are returning on retirement/resignation or transferring to another Government Department.
    7. Preliminary Visit to the UK.  If you are returning to the UK to take up a new post you may be entitled to a Preliminary Visit (PV), which allows you and, where appropriate, entitled members of your family to return to the UK before you come to the end of your tour of duty. In the main a PV is authorised when you are returning to a new post in the UK which is outside reasonable daily travel from your previous UK home and you have to look for a new home. A PV may also be authorised if you are being posted back to your Previous Duty Station, but you sold your home as a result of being posted overseas. DBS will advise you on whether or not you qualify for a PV and will issue you with an authority to undertake a PV.

  6. Family Administration. Some of the issues you will have to think about prior to your departure from the overseas area are listed below. The list is not comprehensive.
    1. Official Accommodation – You will have to prepare your Service Family Accommodation for the formal “march-out” and handover.
    2. Overseas Bank Accounts – You should close your overseas bank accounts and settle any outstanding debts in the overseas area before your departure. Please note once you return to the UK any future MOD payments will be made to a UK bank only.
    3. UK Bank Accounts – If you are changing your UK Bank Details you will be required to complete either the HRMS On-Line Form or, if no access to Dii,  HR Form 1936a: Change of Bank Details – UK.
    4. Stopping a Monthly Allotment – If you have an existing monthly allotment, this will have to be stopped, using HR Form 1932.
    5. Telephone/Internet/Other Contracts – You should make arrangements to disconnect your telephone and internet access prior to your departure and pay-off any outstanding balances. You also need to make arrangements to close any other German contracts e.g. mobile telephones.
    6. Letting your UK Home – You should ensure that your tenants are given the required period of notice as specified in the tenancy agreement. If you fail to do this and have to make alternative temporary accommodation arrangements then this will be at your own expense.The MOD will provide no assistance.
    7. Personal Belongings in Store – If you are storing belongings in the UK, DBS Relocations will issue the necessary guidance as part of your tourex pack.
    8. Pets – It is your responsibility to make all the necessary arrangements for them to be transported back to the UK, including all the documentation required to do this. If you are in an area where the “Pets Passport” scheme operates you must allow sufficient time for your pet to have
    9. the vaccinations and tests appropriate to the scheme.
    10. Vehicles – You should contact your local VLO office for guidance on de-registering any tax free cars.

  7. This document aims to provide guidance however by the nature of the business it is not exhaustive. UKBC/T staff with any administrative questions about their move should direct them to DBS.