This section lools at different elements of your move back to the UK. This includes transport, prohibited items restricted for travel and much more. Start planning now!

Military Personnel

Assignment Order

On receipt of your Assignment Order (AO) or Unit Implementation Order (IO), you can start planning your move in earnest. If you have not received an AO you may receive a ‘certificate in lieu’ of an AO which acknowledges that you are moving as part of a unit move. The AO or ‘cert in lieu’ will be required to complete your housing application and any contract termination paperwork. 

Disturbance Allowance

You will need to apply, on JPA, for Disturbance Expenses (further advice can be sought through Unit Admin Office (UAO)). If you require accommodation either in BFG or in the UK once your furniture has been packed please check with your UWO or RAO for the correct booking procedure and guidance on associated allowances. 

Booking Accomodation for the Move

Bookings should be made through Unit Admin Office (UAO) and further advice regarding specific entitlements to Night and Day Subsistence should be sought through Unit Welfare Office or Unit Admin Office. 

Transport to Your New Duty Station

If you choose to travel from Germany to the UK by private transport, you are entitled to a commercial sea crossing paid for at public expense. 

Those sea crossings must be booked through UWO no later than six weeks prior to the planned physical movement date. 

Each military family is entitled to movement of up to two vehicles at public expense. If you are single/married unaccompanied, then you are entitled to movement of one vehicle at public expense. Towed vehicles or platforms including trailers, boats and caravans may not be moved at public expense. If you wish to transport these items with prime movers, you should ensure that your UAO has booked them as part of your initial booking. Once you have been provided with your booking reference you should then contact the commercial ferry operator and make a private payment for the movement of your towed vehicle. 

If you wish to transport pets by car you must book via your UAO when booking transport. Any additional costs associated with transporting pets remains a private arrangement between individuals and the commercial ferry operator and must be paid for in advance of the travel date. Each pet travelling must have a ‘Pet Passport’ available for presentation at the port of exit/ entry with the relevant in-date inoculations recorded. 

A Reminder!

Make sure that you hand in all passes prior to leaving Germany. These may include: Car Passes, ID Cards, Installation Passes (PX Passes), Ration Cards and ARAL Cards. 

Items Restricted for Transportation

You must also to be aware of items classed as either Dangerous Goods or Prohibited Items when planning your trip and ensure that these are not packed for travel. You can get more information from commercial operator websites or Unit Admin staff.

Movement of Privately Owned Firearms or Items Classed as a Weapon System or Bladed Articles 

If you privately own any weapons and plan to transport them by surface or air you must ensure that you have the relevant documentation that provides authority for travel and that all required security precautions are in place. This is your responsibility. You will be able to can get advice from commercial operators should you require it. 

Special Aircraft

HQ BFG planning staff will request a dedicated special aircraft for the movement of large numbers of single/married unaccompanied personnel from Germany to their rebasing location. They will try to meet unit requests for arrival into regional air fields. Units must nominate personnel to use this special service. There will be a maximum baggage allowance of 20kg per passenger. All other baggage destined for the UK must be packed within the planned removals. 

Register to Vote

In order to vote in the UK elections and referendums you need to apply to have your name included on the electoral register. Getting on the Electoral Register also helps if you need a mortgage or credit card; lenders often use the Register when considering applications. For more information visit:

Expectant Mothers

It is currently taking approximately four weeks for the issue of new infant passports. If your estimated due date is within 12 weeks of your expected move date, please contact your Unit Welfare Officer as soon as possible to discuss early mover’s status. Please note that early mover status is only available to those who are moving under a rebasing move. The EuroTunnel has no restrictions on travel for expectant mothers. 

Top Tip!

Airlines and ferry companies’ rules differ regarding travelling during pregnancy: please check with individual companies when planning your move. 

Redirecting Post

You must ensure that you change your address with any catalogue, magazine subscription, etc and let your Unit Post Room know of your move and new address so that post can be redirected to you. For your SFA address, the German Post Office (Deutsch Post) offers a redirection service (Nachsendesservice): visit your local branch for details or German-speakers can visit

Need More Help?

You should first approach your Unit Admin/Welfare staff but also make sure you explore the commercial operators website.