Legal Branch RAF

Criminal Solicitor Services for the BFG Community

If you have a legal problem and you are a serving member of the British Armed Forces based anywhere outside the UK, a dependant, a member of NAAFI staff or if you are subject to Service law or discipline then we may be able to provide you with free and specialist legal advice.

We have a team of qualified solicitors ready to provide you with legal advice, assistance and representation. All the services that we provide are free from start to finish.


ALA logoArmy Legal Assistance (ALA) closed on 31 March 2019

After 31 March 2019 Army personnel seeking legal assistance for personal legal issues should do so by instructing a civilian legal advisor at their own expense in the appropriate jurisdiction.



  1. For UK matters: The Law Society (of the respective jurisdictions: England and Wales or Scotland or Northern Ireland) maintains a list of solicitors by location and subject area. The lists can be accessed via the respective Law Society website.

England and Wales


Northern Ireland

Military applicants wishing to instruct a Northern Ireland based solicitor should also contact their J2 Security Cell for a list of approved Northern Ireland law firms.


  1. For Overseas matters: Guidance on overseas lawyers can be obtained from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) published List of Lawyers Abroad.

Where a territory is not specified in the FCO’s list, Army personnel should contact the in-country Army HQ for guidance on local lawyers.


  1. Note: ALA’s closure does not affect a soldier’s access to legal advice (Service or civilian) at a Service police station. Similarly, ALA’s closure does not affect the assistance available to Service personnel, members of the civilian component and dependants who find themselves subject to criminal proceedings overseas relating to an on-duty incident. Further guidance on these subjects can be found in the Armed Forces Legal Aid Scheme (JSP 838. See Part 2 Chapter 6 Section 4) and the Defence Instruction on Support Available for Staff Facing Legal Proceedings (2017 DIN 01-042).


ACO(NWE) is part of Resources, Headquarters British Forces Germany (HQ BFG), located at Catterick Barracks, Bielefeld.  The ACO is responsible for handling claims by and against the Ministry of Defence in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, The Netherlands and Switzerland.  Claims include RTAs, Training and Manoeuvre Damage, Public Liability and Loss of Service.