Have you been involved in a traffic accident with a vehicle operated by the MOD in Germany

Don't despair - MoD vehicles are self insured.


If you are a member of the Force and you feel that the accident was not your fault, please contact the Area Claims Office immediately.

There is no need to engage the services of a lawyer, or other outside Agency to handle your claim at this stage.


We make the necessary arrangements for you.

  • We will arrange for you to have your vehicle repaired at a garage of your choice and pay the bills directly.
  • We will arrange for your vehicle to be inspected by an independent assessor if necessary and pay his fees.
  • We will arrange a replacement vehicle/hire car, if this is required.
  • We will pay Loss of Use if a replacement vehicle is not required.
  • We will pay depreciation to cover loss in resale value, where applicable.
  • We can arrange for recovery of your vehicle.
  • We will meet claims for injury compensation.
  • We will consider claims for items lost or damaged as a result of the accident, together with costs which you feel may have necessarily been incurred as a consequence of the accident.


The Area Claims Office is the MoD’s Liability bearer.  We are the “insurers” of all Military vehicles operating in Germany and Europe.  We handle all claims from German and other European Nationals and members of the BFG community and operate in English, German and Dutch.


If you have a question, please ring us.

If you engage an outside Agency, they will only contact us.  This incurs additional cost to you, the tax-payer, and it could result in additional expense to you directly as the claimant.  It makes sense, therefore, to talk with us personally.

We are not an insurance company but we do ensure that all claims are settled quickly and fairly. 



TEL: 0521 9254 2548


2546 OR BIELEFELD MIL 948(81) 2548 or 2546.