ACO(NWE) is responsible for handling claims by and against the Ministry of Defence in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, The Netherlands and Switzerland.  Claims include RTAs, Training and Manoeuvre Damage, Public Liability and Loss of Service.

Mission Statement:

‘To handle all 3rd Party Claims in an effective and efficient manner which seeks to minimise the MOD’s liabilities and maximise potential recoveries.’


The vast majority of ACO(NWE) business relates to vehicle movements and is handled in accordance with Article 8.5 of the NATO Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).  Claims processed under Article 8.5 are negotiated by the host nation, and the costs incurred are apportioned between the Ministry of Defence and the host nation on a 25%/75% basis.  The host nation therefore has a vested interest in keeping costs as low as possible.


The ACO(NWE) consider claims on the basis of Common Law.  That is, when a claim is received it is considered on the basis of whether the MoD has a legal liability to pay compensation.  Where there is a proven legal liability, compensation is paid.