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You can help keep our community safe by reporting suspicious incidents or activity, however insignificant it may seem at the time.

By reporting your concerns, we can use the information received to inform and ensure that appropriate measures are put in place to protect our community should it be necessary.


  • If there is a threat to life, always inform the German Police on 110 immediately.
  • If no threat to life but it is suspicious, inform the Service Police immediately on 05254 982 2222
  • It is a good idea to have both numbers saved in your phone!
  • Never aggravate a situation or put yourself or others in danger.
  • Take a photograph, run a video or take a sound recording - IF SAFE TO DO SO. There is no restriction on recording activity you as a member of the BFG community deem as suspicious.
  • Make a note of the Date, Time, Location and the activity and capture as much information as possible.

When reporting it may be helpful to try to follow these simple guides.


When describing vehicles, the acronym SCRIM may help:

SHAPE – eg saloon, estate, 4x4

COLOUR – basic colour

REGISTRATION – as much of the number plate as possible.

IDENTIFYING FEATURES – eg black stripe on bonnet, stickers, damage

MAKE AND MODEL – eg Ford Mondeo (include age if possible)


When describing people, use A to H and S as a quick guide to describe a person or persons as follows:

AGE – eg teenage, 30s, 70s etc

BUILD – eg large, small, medium

CLOTHING eg what, colour, shape (baggy, tight etc)

DEFINING FEATURES – eg high forehead,


FACE – ie colour, shape

GAIT – ie long or short stride, limp etc

HAIR – ie colour, length, style

Sex - ie male, female 

Finally, the BFG community is not being specifically targeted but knowing your surroundings, detecting change and reporting the unusual will help to mitigate suspicious activity before it becomes a threat.

For further guidance on security including tips on home security visit the Crime Prevention pages: