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Q: I am currently in a federal quarter. No families will be moving into my quarter when I leave in summer 2019 due to drawdown. Will the march out standards still be the same?

A: A single standard for theatre closure will be agreed. This process will involve consultation with the Operational Chain of Command. Once agreed this will be communicated centrally.

Q: If I am leaving the Army whilst my unit is still based in BFG, do I have to pay for my own removals?

A: The rules surrounding your last assignment prior to terminating service are complex. The governing document which covers this matter is Joint Service Publications (JSP) 752. To help you understand the policy and have your case analysed and your terminal assignment arranged to best advantage for your situation you should talk to unit HR staff and RCMO.

If you require any further information please contact G1 Branch HQ BFG. All enquiries should be made to the group mailbox: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q: I live in Bad Lippspringe and I have noticed a large number of properties being handed back or are being left empty. What is the likelihood that families in SSFA (private landlord owned properties) where I live and elsewhere will be moved out of their accommodation prior to the moves back to UK?

A: The current use of leased SFA known as substitute SFA (SSFA) has a lease agreement which enables the owner/landlord to view or request the property back at any stage during the lease agreement. Currently in Bad Lippspringe owners are beginning to request their properties back for either personal or commercial use.

Prior to any announcement or decision to move a family all options will be looked into. Families with less than six months left will not be moved unless their property is uneconomical to repair (completely failed in some aspect of Health and Safety) or if welfare reasons apply.

Q: What is the official policy that landlords should adhere to if they wish to bring potential buyers to view my house?

A: All landlord requests for viewings are notified to DIO. Within the lease agreement and “licence to occupy”, occupants are required to provide access to their property for statutory checks, repairs and viewings. All viewings and visits from external agencies will be pre-arranged by the housing team. Landlord agreed viewings will have a HEM present to ensure visitors are managed. The HEM is there to ensure discussions don’t break out within the property and questions are neither posed or answered by the visitor to the occupant.

All non-organised/cold callers are to be refused access; the attempt to gain access without a pre-arranged visit/viewing is to be reported to the Housing Department or Housing Estate Manager (HEM). If they refuse to leave the property or are within the boundaries of the property then the civil police and RMP are to be called.

Q: On what basis is housing allocated?

A: Service Families soldiers (OR’s) are allocated by family size and officers by rank, UKBC and UKBT’s/Contractors are allocated by family size. It should be noted that all allocations are tempered by availability of type in the 3 locations of preference. If no houses/flats, to entitlement, are available in the preferred areas the whole of BFG is reviewed for availability. If no houses/flats, to entitlement, exist within BFG then Housing will allocate one grade above entitlement, to ensure an occupant is not disadvantaged due to non-availability, they will pay for their actual entitlement type and not the allocated type.

Federal First strategy exists within allocations to ensure as many of the federally provided core stock are utilised, this enables substitute SFA to be released early or when requested, by utilising federal stock it negates mid-tour managed moves.

It should be noted that within the regulations there is no difference between a flat and a house – all are identified as dwelling units and by their actual type which is size and numbers of bedrooms.

Q: I have a 20 year old daughter who wants to move back to UK. Is there any support available with regard to housing?

A: There is no MOD support available for dependants moving on their own to the UK.

It is recommended that you contact the local housing authority to establish if there is any provision in the area of choice.