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Q: What is being done to make sure that the infrastructure at the rebasing locations is on track to receive an influx of service personnel and their families in 2019?

A: Over £1Bn is being invested in infrastructure in and around the Salisbury Plain area. This will boost the local economy and provide about 2,500 bed spaces for single soldiers, just over 1,300 new homes for Service families and the construction, conversion or refurbishment of nearly 250 other buildings such as offices, garages, workshops and mess facilities.

Works within bases is underway, with the main construction programme running through to 2020. For the Service family homes work will commence at all three sites in 2017.

The Army Basing Team has been liaising with Wiltshire Council since 2012 to prepare and plan for the extra troops and their families. The infrastructure will be built in time for 2019. It’s a huge undertaking but the plans are progressing well. The Army Basing Team are working closely with Wiltshire Council, other government departments, local service providers, industry and NHS England to ensure critical infrastructure including new Service family homes and single living accommodation, education and health provision is in place in time for the moves. The link below will take you to news on the Army Basing Team news letters and Salisbury Plain Training Areas (SPTA) housing information news.

Q: What support is being offered to soldiers with German families who are choosing to keep their permanent residence in Germany but remain serving with the Army?

A: We are currently engaging with Army HQ to state the case to review the allowances for those soldiers wishing to keep their residence and families in Germany once they are rebased to the UK. We will keep you informed as progress is made.

Q: With our unit (1 PWRR) now moving to Cyprus and not Bulford as per the rebasing announcement in 2013, is there the option to have a funded family move back to the UK if a family decide married unaccompanied is the best option for them?

A: There is not a definitive yes or no answer as individual circumstances may affect the outcome to each case. Normally entitled Service Personnel (SP) will receive publicly funded removals and/or storage upon permanent assignment to a new duty station, or on an authorised mid assignment move. In this case the publically funded move would be from Germany to Cyprus.

However each case will be different and so SP must obtain advice from their own Admin Office at the earliest opportunity to discuss their own specific circumstances. If you require any further information please contact G1 Branch HQ BFG. All enquiries should be made to the group mailbox: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..