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From 1 Jan 18 a one-off charge of €50 will be introduced for all new ARAL fuel card applications. The one-off charge will apply to each new card application, but this will cover your vehicle for as long as it is registered to you and within BFG.

Since the introduction of the ARAL fuel card in 2013, the administrative costs for the service have been absorbed by funds from the old Fuel Coupon system. These funds have now been exhausted, and it has become necessary to introduce a fee to ensure the system remains financially sustainable. This will allow BFG personnel to continue to enjoy the privilege of Tax Free fuel. Payment will be due at the point of collection.

To quantify the one-off cost of the card against the benefit of tax free fuel we have put together the useful tables below. The costs are worked out using indicative pump prices versus the tax free cost of fuel. The tables demonstrate how many litres of fuel you would need to purchase before your fuel card pays for itself. As you will see even on a relatively small tank your car should pay for itself after refilling your vehicle twice.

For further information on ARAL Fuel Cards please visit https://BFGnet/fuelcard/aral-fuel-card-bfg.html


 Pump Price per litre (pence)   Tax Free cost per litre (pence) Saving per litre (pence)    Number of litres for €50 (litres) 
 145.9 60.7  85.2  58.7 
 150.9 64.9  86  58.1 
 155.9 69.1  86.8  57.6 
 160.9 73.3  87.6  57.1 


 Pump Price per litre (pence)  Tax Free cost per litre (pence) Saving per litre (pence)  Number of litres for €50 (litres) 
 125.9 62.3  63.6  78.6 
 136.6 70.7  65.9  75.9 
 145.9 79.1  66.8  74.9 
150.9  83.3  67.6  74.0