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HQ BFG is pleased to announce improvements to the Germany Air Trooping Service (GATS) schedule.

The GATS service can be used by entitled BFG personnel wishing to travel between Germany and the UK, both on duty or on leave.

From 5 April 2017, the new routes will run as follows:

From Düsseldorf to Birmingham
From Düsseldorf to London Heathrow
From Paderborn to Birmingham

Entitled personnel (including dependants) planning a journey by air between Germany and the UK will be able to select the route for each leg of the journey best suited to their duty or leave requirements with the Sunday service also being available for indulgence travel.

Travel to and from Paderborn and Düsseldorf airports will be provided by service transport; timings promulgated by Unit Movement Clerks following flight confirmation.

Further information can be obtained by Unit Movement Clerks including flight availability and baggage allowances.