There has been an increase in reports of non-BFG members visiting SFA areas and collecting/taking items of value. This is being encouraged by members of the BFG community leaving bulk items outside their SFA, advertised as ‘free for collection’ on social media sites. You are reminded that social media sites, even restricted groups, can be shared and you must be aware that this type of action will encourage undesirables into SFA estates. 

It is your responsibility to dispose of bulk items responsibly and in line with BFG instruction: 


Please be reminded that BFG bulk rubbish skips are for official waste, even when located outside of camp and are not to be used to dispose of personal waste. Disposal of personal goods in BFG bulk rubbish is likely to attract undesirables to the area. 

RMP have increased patrols to these areas, however as BFG continues to rebase there is a need to maintain personal security. Please ensure your houses and valuable items are always secure and secure items in your gardens, or place them in your cellars. 

If you do witness suspicious activity please report directly to the  RMP duty room on 05254 982 2223/2293