From May 2018 you will be given the option to purchase DIO Defence Accommodation Stores (DAS) on your Service Families Accommodation’s (SFA) inventory.

The original DAS trial ran in 2016/17 but was specific to SFA being disposed of, and properties with no follow on use. The DAS purchase offer has now been opened up to SFA including Official Single Housing (OSH).

On receipt of an assignment order, end of contract notice or notice to vacate, you should book a Pre Move-Out Advisory Visit (PMOAV) at your local Housing office. This should be done as soon as possible, but with a minimum of 6 weeks notice.

Your Housing & Estate Managers (HEM) will carry out the PMOAV and will provide all necessary information and documentation on your move out including: cleanliness of your SFA, hand back standards, move out requirements and the detail on what DAS is no longer required in BFG and available to be purchased. They will also provide the price, policy and procedure letter for purchasing of DAS items, which includes the method of payment i.e. via station Base Admin or Unit RAO. A trial for Service Personnel to be billed via JPA is also being looked at.

In summary, if you currently have DAS items in your SFA you will be given the opportunity to purchase them when you leave BFG. If you wish to purchase DAS items you should identify these during your PMOAV to your HEM. This should take place before your Agility survey. The PMOAV is conducted by your HEM who will provide advise on the procedures and price list for you to purchase your DAS items. To give you an idea of costings, the approximate cost of a dining table is £30 and each dining chair is approximately £10. It should be noted that if you do not have the full inventory of DAS items at Move-Out, or proof that you have purchased the items, the missing DAS items will be charged at 75% of the full cost in accordance with MOD Regulations.