BFG Dental Centre Opening Hours

 Mon to Thu: 0800 – 1700

 Lunch: 1230 – 1330

 Fri: 0800 – 1315


Emergency Out of Hours

Please call Telephone Assessment Service (TAS) 24  Hour Call Centre. TAS will take your call and contact the on-call dental team.

TAS Number: 0521 305 3961


BFG Dental Centre Closures

Gutersloh - 21 Dec 18

Paderborn - 28 Feb 19

Sennelager - 31 Jul 19 (TBC)

Bielefeld - 30 Sep 19 (TBC)

Military patients

  • Military personnel will be entitled to full dental care with DPHC (Dental) dental centres in the UK and Cyprus
  • It is important that military personnel are dentally fit before rebasing from BFG
  • Military personnel may be called forward early for their dental inspection 
  • Dental clearance must be completed BEFORE medical check out as soon as you are aware of your posting/departure date
  • Outstanding dental bills for your dependants must be settled before you clear will be completed
  • All military personnel’s dental documents will be transferred directly to their respective receiving units by the BFG dental centres

Civilian patients

  • Civilian dependants and UKBCs moving to UK will no longer be entitled to receive dental care from DPHC (Dental) dental centres
  • Civilians moving to Cyprus will continue to be entitled to receive dental care at DPHC(Dental) dental centres
  • Any outstanding dental charges and bills must be cleared before your departure from BFG.
  • Choices of dental care in the UK includes either NHS or private dental providers
  • NHS dental charges in the UK are the same as the current BFG dental charges. 
  • NHS website ‘Find a Dentist’ provides information on practices local to your new UK address
  • Seek advice and recommendations about local dentists from family, friends, and colleagues

Before Departure

‘‘Routine dental treatment is to be initiated at least four months prior to the completion of any overseas tour for all categories of entitled personnel (to ensure treatment is completed prior to the end of the tour)” 

Ref:  JSP 770 Chap 4 ‘Tri-Service Operational and Non-Operational Welfare Policy’

Types of treatment:

Routine Treatment 

  • Please do not leave it to the last minute!
  • Dependants of military personnel and UKBCs leaving BFG by the end of Jul-Aug 19 will continue to have access to routine dental care until the end of Mar-Apr 19
  • There will be no new courses of dental treatment involving laboratory procedures(e.g. crowns, bridges, dentures, etc) commenced within five months of leaving BFG
  • Boarding School children will be able to access routine treatment up to and including the Easter 2019 school holidays 

Emergency Treatment 

  • Access to emergency care will be available via all BFG Dental Centres until your departure date during regular working hours.
  • Out of Hours’ emergency dental care is accessed via TAS which will contact the on-call duty dental team.

Specialist Dental Care

  • New specialist dental referral cases will be assessed based on clinical need for advanced restorative cases, oral surgery and orthodontics
  • Specialist restorative consultations will take place at the Centre for Restorative Dentistry in UK
  • It may be in patients’ best interests to defer some elective treatment until arrival in UK
  • Specialist orthodontic clinics will continue in BFG for on-going cases 
  • Incomplete orthodontic cases will need to be continued in UK
  • Referral for oral surgery will continue in BFG

Rear Party patients

  • Rear party personnel and their dependants remaining in BFG beyond Sep 19 will continue to be entitled to dental care
  • Rear party personnel are required to ensure that they are dentally fit and have completed all routine treatment prior to the closure of the BFG dental centres
  • Emergency dental care for Rear Party personnel will be provided via local (Host Nation) German practices 

General information

Military dental records 

  • Military personnel dental recordswill be forwarded to their respective units’ DPHC dental centres by their current  BFG dental centre.

Civilian Dental Records 

  • All dependants’ and UKBCs’ dental records will be sent for archiving at CHRL and will not be forwarded to DPHC(D) dental centres or any civilian dental practice in the UK 
  • It is unlikely that your new civilian NHS/Private UK dentist will require your previous dental records as this is normally unnecessary for patients who have undergone general routine treatment 
  • Civilian dependants and UKBCs who require their last dental records (e.g. have completed more complex treatment),will need to complete a Subject Access Request and submit to the  BFG dental centre Practice Manager in order to obtain a copy

Future Dental Care

NHS and Private care available in UK.

1. NHS website - Google ‘Find a Dentist’  

2. Enter your new postcode

3. A list of local practices accepting new patients in the vicinity of this post code will be displayed.

If you require any further assistance or advice please speak to the staff at the BFG dental centres.