Question and Answers

Why are Medical Centres starting to close early?

The Medical Centre Closure Plan is in line with the BFG Drawdown Plan and is based on the needs of the population being supported. As we approach Sep 19, safe and effective primary and community healthcare will be reliant upon grouping resources and capabilities in fewer Medical Treatment Facilities, which will see the co-location of a number of services.

When will the Dental Centres be closing?

The Dental Centre closure plan is likely to align to that of the Medical Centres. Further details will be communicated in due course.

Will I have to wait longer for an appointment if there are less Medical Centres?

Members of the community will not notice any additional delays to waiting times.

Is this just another way of saving money?

No. BFG Heath Service is committed to the continued delivery of safe and effective primary and community healthcare. As the BFG community changes this must be achieved by delivering services in a different way. This means grouping resources, clinical capabilities and medical staff, which will see the co-location of a number of services.

Will I be compensated for the longer journey to my local Medical Centre?

No. Although it is widely understood that the chain of command will need to operate with greater flexibility to allow individuals additional time for travelling, where possible. Individuals will also need to be proactive in their engagement with their local chain of command. Additional transport will also be provided to help patients’ access healthcare.

How can I get to my new Medical Centre if I cannot drive?

Assistance with transport will be provided, however individuals will need to make it clear they have no alternative means of transport when making their appointment to ensure these align. Further details will be promulgated in due course.

Will the process change for making an appointment?

No. Appointments will still be made through respective Medical Centres and TAS will continue to operate an out of hours service.

What are the detailed arrangements for healthcare delivery by Host Nation providers?

Host Nation healthcare provision forms a key element of the medical drawdown plan. These plans are currently being drafted by SSAFA GSTT LLP Care and comprehensive information regarding alternative Host Nation healthcare provision will be published well in advance of any changes being made.

Where can I get more information?

The ‘Drawdown of Health Services in BFG’ poster provides key dates regarding centres closures and services drawdown. Any further queries should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the first instance.

We live in Paderborn, but our children go to King’s School in Gutersloh; does this mean we’ll have to take them to Bielefeld for medical appointments once the Medical Centre at Mansergh Barracks closes?

Ideally patients should be seen in one Medical Centre by the same General Practitioner, however this is not always practical or necessary. Patients, including school children, can be seen at any of the Medical Centres although this normally tends to be the Medical Centre nearest to where families live. Depending on the time of the appointment, and where they live, it may be convenient to be seen at the local Medical Centre on the way to school or at the Medical Centre which is nearest to the school. Flexibility to enable this has already built into the ‘Group Practice’ construct and you may be offered an appointment in 5 days at your nearest Medical Centre or even earlier at another Medical Centre should capacity exist.


Drawdown of Health Services in BFG poster