In BFG This Month, the front inside page has been dedicated to drawdown updates of the latest facility and amenity closures due to drawdown. This page is the most up to date source so please read! 

'Please note that this update is based on the most recent and accurate information we have to date. The information on your service closure plan and roadmaps has been updated due to the nature of this service drawdown, and we are striving to keep everyone up to date by using this inside page of BFG This Month. You can also find the most current versions of drawdown updates online.'


Postal Service Closures are as follows: 

Gütersloh (Mansergh Barracks) - 28th June 2019 

Paderborn (Barker Barracks) - 19th July 2019 

Bielefeld (Catterick Barracks) - 6th September 2019 

Sennelager - 13th September 2019 

A ‘limited service’ for Gütersloh and Paderborn will remain for 2 weeks after closure, but this will not include a counter service. 

There is no decision yet on the future provision, so you should plan on some minor disruption as your postal requirements are transitioned and managed accordingly. 

The HIVE offices in Gütersloh and Paderborn (Barker Barracks) will be closed after 17th July 2019. Bielefeld and Sennelager HIVE offices will remain open until 31st July 2019. 

Forces Financial will cease to trade in Germany on Friday 26th July 2019. 

Sennelager Medical Centre will close on 31st July 2019. Patients will be transferred to Bielefeld Medical Centre. Transport will be available and more details will follow nearer the time. 

Home-Start business with officially cease on July 31st 2019, however, please see below for last group dates across BFG: 

Home-Start Sennelager 

Little Learners has already closed 

Pandas 12th June 9:30hrs to 11:30hrs 

Home-Start Paderborn 

Clever Tots 14th June 10:00hrs to 11:30hrs 

Little Stars 24th June 10:00hrs to 11:30hrs 

Home-Start Bielefeld 

Busy Bees 25th July 9:00hrs to 11:30hrs 

The ‘Ask the Commander’ function on BFGnet will cease from 31st July 2019. 

Bielefeld Dental Centre will close from 31st July 2019. Despite prior communications, Sennelager Dental Centre will remain open during the transition from BFG to FDP. Patients from Bielefeld Dental Centre will be transferred. 

AFF will have a representative in Germany until at least December 2019. 

SSAFA support to the service community in Germany will remain available until March 2020. A proportion of funds raised in by the community in Germany will move with units to the UK and Cyprus with funds also remaining in Germany to support the remaining population. 



Relate BFG will close 31st May 2019. Please see below. 

Mansergh Library closed 18th April 2019, Barker Library will close 13th June 2019, and Bielefeld and Sennelager Libraries will close 28th June 2019. 

All the books from the libraries have been allocated to other libraries within Army Library and Information Services (ALIS) across the world. Some books are remaining to support FDP in the Paderborn area. 

Life in the UK Test Centre at the e-Learning Centre (eLC) on Normandy Barracks, for those who wish to gain British citizenship or settlement, will cease in June 2019. Test dates still available are Monday 13th May, Monday 20th May, Wednesday 12th June and Monday 17th June 2019. 

All tests must be booked through 

Dependant Transition Training (funding approval and admin, authorisation of invoices and budget profiling) will cease at the end of June 2019. This aligns with the closure of 41 AEC on 28th June 2019. 



Army Legal Assistance (ALA) has closed to all new cases since 31st March 2019; you can still find their useful guides on 

Army Welfare Service (AWS) offices in Bielefeld and Gütersloh are no longer manned daily; if you require AWS please contact AWS Normandy Barracks on 05254 982 4340. 

St Peter’s Church on Barker Barracks will close 21st April 2019, and Our Lady of Lourdes Church on Normandy Barracks will change its name to St Boniface and become multi-denominational from 28th April 2019. 

Dental Care: unless you are a serving member of the community, you will not be able to begin any new courses of dental treatment past 30th April 2019, or 4 months before you are due to leave BFG if this is earlier. Emergency treatment will continue to be available until you leave BFG.