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Feedback from a recent road show, highlighted that many overseas service personnel including those serving across BFG do not know that the INtouch hybrid mail service that replaced the e-bluey provision from 1 Apr 17 is open to them. The INtouch service is in fact available to all service personnel on permanent overseas postings.

What is it?

Imail INtouch provides a free service that allows users to send up to eight pages, including high definition photographs and documents. These letters and documents are printed in the UK and then posted using Royal Mail to friends and family in the UK, or through BFPO to personnel deployed overseas. The old e-bluey system that has being replaced only allowed single pages to be sent and did not support high definition photographs.

How do you register?

Registration for the INtouch service is via Once you have registered you will be able to access the service at and login.

A quick start guide can be found at the following link: