When will LEC contracts end? 

All LEC staff (DEL and DEP) who are employed on permanent contracts will remain in employment until 31 Dec 19. All other LEC staff who are employed on fixed terms will leave on their individual expiry date. 

Contracts of employment can be ended sooner at your request if you find alternative employment, or are no longer available for work i.e. the head of household is posted. 

How will my contract be affected by Rebasing? 

There will be a phased drawdown and closure of HQ BFG between now and 31 Dec 19. During this period we will need to fully utilise all available resource within the workforce, through the redeployment of staff as and when they become available, to deliver key business outputs. 

How will the redeployment of LECs be managed? 

Effective planning when redeploying staff relies on Line Managers declaring staff availability to the LSU at the earliest possible opportunity. 

The LSU will work closely with the Manpower Management Cell (MMC) and Station Commanders to facilitate informed redeployment decisions which will support business resilience and outputs according to relative priority. 

Individuals will likely be assigned different tasks of the same grade, or lower to their current grade where appropriate with no change in their pay. Any higher graded tasks will be assigned on an exceptional and temporary basis only. 

How can I get extra resource for my team? 

If you need extra LEC man-power please contact Peter Steven in the MMC on 94881 2313, and your Station Commander to register your requirement based on numbers, trade and grade. 


Questions and Answers 

When will I be redeployed? 

Arrangements will be put in place immediately, to ensure the delivery of BFG business, until 31 Dec 19. 

Will I be asked to do manual work? 

You will only be asked to perform duties associated with your trade and grade, unless agreed otherwise. 

Will I have to travel? 

Yes, if you are redeployed to an alternative location. Transport will be provided and travel time will count towards contracted hours. 

What if I do not want to be redeployed? 

In order to meet evolving business priorities, BFG retains the right to redirect manpower according. Individuals will be expected to meet reasonable requests.