When the time comes to move out of your SFA it is up to you how you want to achieve the march out standard to successfully hand back your SFA. You will be given the option to sign up to the Married Quarter Cleaning Scheme (MQCS) which offers an alternative to self-cleaning your SFA or contracting cleaning services from a local firm. The MQCS is run by Babcock and is generally cheaper than similar schemes ran in the UK.

A MQCS full clean covers the SFA with both cooker and carpet cleaning included. The various types of clean that you can request are below:


    • SFA Full Clean (inc cooker and Carpets)
    • SFA Full Clean and Cooker
    • SFA Full Clean only
    • Cooker and Carpets only
    • Cooker only
    • Carpets only

The level of cleaning required will be covered by your Housing Estate Manager (HEM) during your Pre-Move Out visit. You should schedule your Pre-Move Out visit as soon as your Head of Household has an Assignment Order or you know when you are leaving. Pre-Move Out visits can be booked through your local Housing Office.

The price list as at 1 Jan 18 is below:

Types of SFA Price Without cooker Price With Cooker Price Cooker Only Price Pet Carpet Cleaning
SFA Officers Type 1 € 370.71 € 436.44 € 85.00 € 321.87
SFA Officers Type 2 € 337.98 € 403.71 € 85.00 € 300.05
SFA Officers Type 3 € 305.25 € 370.97 € 85.00 € 267.32
SFA Officers Type 4 € 294.34 € 360.01 € 85.00 € 223.68
SFA Officers Type 5 € 283.43 € 349,16 € 85.00 € 250.95
SFA Other Ranks Type D € 283.43 € 349.16 € 85.00 € 250.95
SFA Other Ranks Type C € 272.51 € 338.24 € 85.00 € 223.68
SFA Other Ranks Type B € 261.60 € 327.33 € 85.00 € 196.40
SFA Other Ranks Type A € 228.87 € 294.60 € 85.00 € 158.21

Once you have booked cleaning services you must pay the appropriate fee direct to the Unit Administration Office (UAO). Once the cleaning has been completed, a copy of the Completion Certificate will be sent with the invoice as evidence that the work has been done and will be presented to the UAO who will coordinate payment on your behalf.

Please note that your SFA must meet a minimum standard of cleanliness for you to opt to use of the MQCS. Not all occupants reach the minimum standard. Your HEM will cover these standards in detail during the pre-Move out visit. Your HEM will make sure that you are happy with the standards, requirements and items required for a successful Move out. They will also provide you with written guidance to assist you in preparing your SFA for hand back and avoid unnecessary damage and deficiency charges.

Isolated Detachments (ISODETS) – If you are an ISODET the above rates will not apply. You can still request for the scheme to be delivered, but there is no set cost structure.

For further details about the MQCS please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..