Dental Centre 

You must de-register from Sennelager Dental Centre BEFORE de-registering from Bielefeld Medical Centre. You can do this in two ways:

  1. In person, or
  2. Over the phone, by calling 0525 4982 2482.


Medical Centre

Once you have successfully de-registered from Sennelager Dental Centre, you should then de-register from Bielefeld Medical Centre. This can be done either:

  1. In person,
  2. Over the phone, by calling 0521 9254 3131, or
  3. By sending your Medical Centre a completed de-registration form.


Clearance Certificates

All Serving Personnel and UK Based Civilians need to obtain confirmation of de-registration by Medical and Dental Centre staff.


Your Medical Reports

Once you have successfully de-registered, civilian records will automatically be sent to your new practice when you register in the UK. Military records will automatically be send to your new location. If you are remaining in Germany after your service has finished you can also request a copy of your medical records: the medical and dental staff will advise you on how to do this.


For full details and to download a de-registration form, search for ‘de-register’ on