If you fall pregnant and have an Estimated Due Date (EDD) in Spring/Summer 2019 there are a number of factors you should consider, as support services in BFG drawdown and your departure from Germany approaches, to ensure you make the best decisions for your family about where to have your baby.




Who will be affected?

Any member of the BFG community with an EDD in Spring/Summer 2019.

What are the issues?

Registration. You will need to plan enough time following the birth of your baby to register the birth and apply for a passport, to ensure you can travel as per your unit’s rebasing plans. A child passport should take 3 weeks but this is likely to take longer at peak times.

Those children born in Germany where both parents are Non-EEA , who are not classified as British by birth, will also need to factor in time to apply for a visa. The average timeframe to obtain the correct documentation for a new born baby to non-British parentage is approx. 6 months.

Travel. All pregnant women are at risk when travelling during the latter part of their pregnancy and carriers often impose restrictions when travelling in the third trimester for safety reasons, although there are currently no restrictions when travelling on the Euro Tunnel.

What are my options?

Early Mover Status (EMS). This option would enable you to go full term in the UK and reduce the pressure on you and your family, at a time when support services in BFG will be drawing down. The process for applying for EMS, if eligible, is via your Unit Welfare Office and a decision is usually made by HQ BFG within 5 working days. Once EMS has been agreed SFA will be reserved in the UK and removals will be booked. The Head of Household must remain in Germany until their rebasing date, unless prior authorisation has been given for them to return with their family. This option is only available to Service families.

Have your baby in Germany. You must be sure that you have a robust plan in place which takes account of the timescales involved in registration and travelling. This is your responsibility. You must be aware that if there are complications or delays in your plan your partner will still need to take up post in the UK, your overseas allowances will still cease and you will still be required to vacate your SFA.

Where can I get more advice?

Further detail can be obtained from your Welfare Office or HQ BFG G1 CS(B).