For the last three months, the back page of BFG This Month has been dedicated to some reminders that you need to make sure you are ticking off as you move closer to your move. Below you can see a comprehensive list of all the reminders from April up to the most current. All of the following reminders are taken from the Checklist found in your Rebasing Booklet and


Transit Insurance

Have you taken out transit insurance to cover your move yet? Don’t forget your insurance will need to cover you for Deep Sea Marine Transit. 

Clearance Certificate

When you are completing your key tasks before you rebase, ensure that you get your clearance certificate stamped at the same time. This will save you having to go back!

Medical & Dental

Don’t forget to book out of the medical and dental centres!

Close Bank Account

Make sure you have finialised the closure of your German Bank accounts and made arrangements for payment of final direct debits. Don’t forget to stop any allotments that you have going to your German account! 


If you have been claiming Kindergeld then make sure that you have taken steps to cancel your payments on leaving Germany. You will need to fill in a Kindergeld ‘Notification of Change’ form and send to:

Familienkasse Bayern-Nord

90316 Nürnberg

Completed Deregistration of Vehicle

You should submit your BFG Form NOVA at least 28 days prior to your move. 14 days prior to your move you will need to apply to the VLO via your local BFG office for UK registration. 

MwSt Forms

Make sure you have handed in all MwSt forms before you leave. 


If you have pets they will need to be deregistered with the BFG office. You will also need to ensure that you have considered your pets in your travel plans. If you have a dog then they should also now have had their final tapeworm treatment. 

Advance of Pay

Once you have confirmation of your accomodation and travel you can work out how much you and your family will require as an advance of pay to cover your expenses during your move. You will need to pay for hotels and subsistence during this period so make sure you have you have requested your advance to help you cover this. 

Apply for Distrubance Allowance/Overseas Transport Grant (OTG)

Don’t forget to log on to JPA and apply for your Disturbance allowances, or apply through for your OTG through Defence Business Services.

Redirect Mail

Let your Unit Post Room know when you are moving and give them an address for redirecting mail. Post to your SFA can be redirected via Deutch Post –

Library Books

Make sure you hand in your library books. Mansergh Barracks library closed on 31st May 2019 and the rest close on 30th June 2019. All books should be handed in before this date.



Your Move

Most people will now know all the crucial dates to allow planning the move back to the UK – removals, Move Out, Move In and arrival of your belongings. You should now ensure that your family has accommodation and travel booked for your entire move window. Your Unit Welfare Team will be able to assist you book your travel and accommodation, and please see the Are You Ready to Rebase Bulletin.

Your SFA

If you have had your Pre-Move Out Advisory Visit you should know exactly what standard you are expected to hand your SFA back in. Make sure you have a plan for preparing your quarter- are you going to use the Married Quarter Cleaning Scheme or Self Clean? When is the best time to get your curtains dry cleaned, should you need to?


With spring arriving and your move just months away, now is a great time to ensure that you and your family have decluttered and only have items that you intend to take with you this summer. 

Moving to your own property? 

If you are moving back to your own house and currently have tenants in place, make sure you have checked your terms and conditions and know how much notice you are required to give. 

Clubs and Activities

Have you researched the different clubs and activities for you and your family in your new location? Some children’s clubs and activities will have a waiting list, so it is worth signing up before you move. 


If you work in a Dependant role have you handed in your notice yet? Make sure you give a minimum of 8 weeks notice.

Do you plan on working in the UK? 

Now is a great time to step-up your search for employment in the UK. The process of recruitement can take a few months, so applying for jobs now is essential if you want to walk seamlessly into work on arrival. 

Your Vehicles

You will need to apply for your BFG Form NOVA 28 days prior to your deregistration date. Make sure you know exactly when you need to initiate your deregistration proccess. 


Make sure your pet passports and rabies vaccinations are up to date. 




Have you had your Pre-Move Out advisory visit yet? Your Pre-Move Out Advisory Visit should take place no later than 9 weeks before your move. If you have not had yours make sure you have a date booked.

You should have had your survey! At this stage just make sure that you do not have any additional items to add to your inventory. 

When will I know my exact removal and Move Out date? You should receive a removal and Move Out dates by mid-April. If you do not know your detailed move dates by the end of the April make sure that you ask!


Do you have school aged children? Have you applied for schools? Wiltshire Council are keen to ensure that all applications for families rebasing in summer 2019 are submitted. If you have not yet applied, please check your local authority website for deadlines. 

Do you need childcare in the UK? You should research and apply for Childcare and Nursery places near your new SFA.


Do you work in a Dependant Role? Have you handed in your notice? Make sure you give a minimum of 8 weeks notice.

Do you need a good conduct certificate? Have you followed the process to request your Good Conduct Certificate – see BFGnet. 

Do you plan on working in the UK? Now is a good time to start to apply for jobs for when you return to the UK. Sign up for alerts on job sites and make sure you have an up to date CV ready to make applying easy.


You should now have a good idea where you will be living. Do your research and make sure you have applied to join a Dentist and GP Practice. 

Are your Passports and Visas in date? Act now if not.


Have you checked exactly what you need to do to cancel your German contracts? Make sure you know what is needed and when for your phone, WiFi, car etc. BFGnet has cancellation letters and a helpful guide produced by ALA on cancelling your German contracts.


Will you be taking your pet back to the UK with you? Have you contacted your vet to book all time-sensitive appointments prior to leaving the country?