There have been recent changes to British Airways and FlyBe policy regarding unaccompanied minors, which may impact those wishing to use their School Children’s Visits (SCV) entitlement.

What has changed?

British Airways have recently increased their unaccompanied travel age from 12 to 14 years and FlyBe have discontinued the unaccompanied minor provision. This means you have the following options:

Option 1 ( no change)

You can choose to travel to the UK by car via channel ferry or Eurotunnel. One SCV will entitle you to claim the return cost of your crossing and mileage using MMA (as below) up to the value of:

  • 50% of your GYH(O) rate; and
  • The notional MMA cost between the school and the nearest UK international airport plus the arrival airport and the RWA / Duty Station.

Option 2

You can use an airline offering direct flights, with UNMIN provision, to Frankfurt or Amsterdam (Lufthansa and KLM) and reclaim your return travel to/from either airport (MMA).

Option 3

One parent (or a nominated adult) can collect and return their child(ren) using a publicly funded return flight, and, if flight timings preclude travel in one day, overnight subsistence can be claimed. This must be booked through BFG BTC only.

Option 4

Reverse SCV for one parent to travel at public expense (booked through BTC) to the UK, spend the leave / EXEAT period in the UK with the child(ren) and return. This entitlement is per family, rather than per eligible child.

How do I book travel?

Bookings MUST be completed through the BTC (except option 1) and at least 6 weeks’ notice of intended travel should be given. Last minute bookings could result in the reduction of options available to you.

Where can I get more information?

Further information and guidance can be obtained through your Unit Admin Office and advice should be sought in all cases.