There are no restrictions on travel to or through France, Belgium, or the Netherlands. If the situation changes units will be informed.

There are however, some precautions that you should take whilst travelling through these countries.

You must not wear Military uniform or any other branded clothing in public, including in transit to/through the Channel Ports, and all evidence of MOD links in the vehicle must be avoided. For example any military clothing or publication in your vehicle (Punchlines, Help for Hero Stickers etc) must be removed from view.

There is a risk that you and your families could encounter individuals hostile to the UK whilst en-route, so you must remain alert and aware of your surroundings whilst travelling. You should also understand how to report serious or suspicious incidents. 112 is the European Emergency number and ask for the police.

If you are traveling back through France, Belgium or the Netherlands by road as individuals or groups then you should arrange for your safe arrival to be monitored. You should ensure that friends, family, colleagues or your units have a contact number for you and know where you are.

You should monitor the media including FCO websites and travel operators’ websites before and during travel to ensure you are aware of any issues. The ferries and tunnels can be disrupted at very short notice.

Even though the threat from the ‘Jungle’ at Calais has been reduced with the demolition of the campsites, there is still a risk of illegals attempting to get into your vehicle near the French and Belgium Channel Ports. Illegal migrants intent on entering the UK by crossing the Channel are also active in and around towns and cities en-route to and close to the Channel Ports and in service areas on the main roads or motorways.

Although the degree of disruption at the Channel Ports is at a lower level than was previously experienced, you should avoid where possible, stopping within 80km of Calais / Dunkirk particularly the service stations on the E40 close to Brugge (Jabbeke) and Newport (Mannekensvere).

You must check your vehicle, especially caravans and campers, for illegal stowaways before boarding. UK Boarder Agency staff are checking all travellers whether MOD or not.