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Personnel travelling through the Port of Calais in France may be confronted by migrants within the vicinity of the port and the approaches to the port. The migrants may be looking for ways to enter the UK illegally.

There have been reports of obstacles being placed on to the road on the approach to the port from the A16 motorway; if this happens you should keep moving where it’s safe to do so, or stop and call 112 if it isn’t safe to proceed (keeping car doors locked).

It is also recommended that you do not stop at service stations or shopping outlets within 70km of the Port of Calais as migrants have been known to assemble at these areas looking for opportunities to gain access to vehicles heading for the UK.

All personnel are reminded to check their vehicle before they get to the first check in control of the port; this is even more important if you are towing a trailer or caravan, or have a roof box fitted. You are responsible for ensuring that nobody is hidden away in your vehicle.

Travellers can check the latest information on the FCO website at or on @fcotravel on Twitter.