Travel Advice

Before you leave Germany, make sure that you consult the FCO Foreign Travel Advice webpage.  You should check the travel advice for any countries that you will be transiting through or stopping in during your route back to the UK. The FCO Foreign Travel Advice webpage will provide the most current and accurate advice concerning both the security situation and other key travel information.

With the on-going strikes and protests by the Yellow Jackets ‘Jaune-Gilets’, it is recommended that you consult the website of your travel provider or their social media accounts before travel.  This will advise of any delays and help you plan accordingly.

Travelling to Channel Ports

The French and Belgian authorities have a continued increase in their Police activity, so you can expect to see a significant Police presence at border checkpoints, airports and public transport systems. You are reminded that there is a ban in place on wearing uniform in public in France, Belgium and Holland. This includes ensuring that you have no identifiable items of military or unit clothing and equipment on display whilst travelling. Make sure your uniform and military pattern luggage is tucked out of view as well as any other items that will identify you as British Forces.

There remains a risk that Human Traffickers/Stowaways may attempt to gain entry to your vehicles with the aim of travelling illegally into the UK. The advice is that if you stop on an auto route within 80 Km of a Channel Port, you should check the vehicle for any unwanted passengers prior to entering the port Authority area. There is a very real possibility that you could be approached and offered cash to smuggle people into the UK. Although the offer of a large sum of cash is tempting, if you are caught by the UK Border Force the minimum fine imposed will be £2,000 per person smuggled plus a possible (minimum of 12 months) term in jail. Such requests for passage to the UK are not confined to drivers/passengers of cars, coach passengers have also been approached in the past.  If you are approached or find a stowaway you MUST report to the local police.

More information and advice can be found here:

We have received reports that criminal gangs in France are impersonating Police vehicles and stopping vehicles travelling to port locations. The vehicle will be unmarked and with a flashing blue light on the roof, normally an older vehicle. Rather than the modern vehicles with integrated LEDs that we normally see.

If you asked to pull over by the Police, please follow the below guidelines:

  1. Only pull over when safe to do so, you may drive to the next service stop if you wish.  This is allowed by French Police.
  2. Stay in the vehicle, turn off your engine and wait for the Police Officer to get out and show you ID before you do anything.
  3. Remember to lock your vehicle if you are travelling alone.