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Base Support Group - Security & Emergency Services Awareness Message

Increase Force Protection posture

With the anniversary of the Brussels attacks approaching and the upcoming events in celebration of SHAPE’s 50th Anniversary in Belgium, SHAPE will increase its Force Protection posture to Bravo +.

Beginning Friday, 17 March 2017, be prepared to provide a second photo identification card (SHAPE ID Card and National Issued ID) at the Installation Access Points (Berlin and Ottawa Gate).

Ottawa Gate will no longer be one-way traffic from 0745-0900. Ottawa Gate will remain operational for entry and exit traffic from 0700-1900 Monday to Friday.

Expect additional Random Access Measures and possible delays at the access points.

Finally, remain vigilant. If you see any suspicious activity, report it to the Police and Security personnel at the following numbers:

SHAPE International Police: Ext 3333/ 065 44 3333
SHAPE Security Officer: Ext 5432 / 065 44 5432
SHAPE Federal Police: Ext 3334 / 065 44 3334
Allied Command Counterintelligence: Ext 4795 / 065 44 4795
Duty Officer: 0476 595 979