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On Friday 1st December a suspect package was delivered to a Chemist near the Potsdam Xmas market causing the market to be evacuated. The cylindrical cannister was filled with nails, powder, batteries and wires - as well as a powerful firework of a type not allowed in Germany. The police said the device could have gone off. German authorities have now confirmed that this was attempted blackmail, not terrorism and was part of an attempt to exhort millions of euros from the German delivery service DHL.

Whilst there is no indication that the BFG community is likely to receive any such packages, it is recommended that caution should be exercised when attempting unexpected parcels or parcels with unknown senders. If you are suspicious, the package should not be opened and police should be called on the emergency number 110.

This is the advice given to German nationals by their Home Nation authorities and that a threat to BFG locations is very unlikely.