Information for Travelling Overseas


Travel Health Services Entitlement in BFG

Entitlement to Travel Health Services for Non-Duty Travel

The provision of travel health services through BFG medical centres for private travel for BFG based entitled personnel has been changed to align with UK NHS provision and practice. Full details can be viewed in DIN 2017 01-22 accessible on the Defence Intranet.

Summary of Changes

There is no entitlement for vaccinations or malaria tablets for private travel at public expense other than for those vaccines that are freely available on the NHS.

Travel health advice will still be provided in medical centres by travel health trained nurses and GP's who can inform you on which vaccines are recommended for your travel destination and tailored to your itinerary. You will then need to access a private provider in the UK or Germany to obtain vaccines and malaria tablets you need.

Travel health providers in Germany can be identified by accessing the Website

It is important to note that Yellow Fever vaccintation is only available from accredited vaccinating practices, these are also identifiable on the website. Those listed below are able to provide all travel vaccines including Yellow Fever vaccination. Please be advised that this is for your information only, the LLP and BFGHS are unable to endorse services provided or make appointments on your behalf. You are advised to telephone to arrange an appointment. Those listed have English speaking doctors.

Any queries or assistance regarding entitlement or support needed to access local services should be directed to BFGHS SO2 Clinical Admin (Tel: 0521 9254 3305).


Ten Tips for Healthy Travel

Before the Trip

Seek consultation with a travel medicine specialist at least four weeks before travel. Travelling abroad always brings some risk to health but by taking certain precautions you can minimise your exposure to most of the major health hazards.

Ask about special vaccines that are recommended for specific destinations.

First aid and medical kit containing regular and special medication for the trip.

Evacuation and travel insurance to cover health emergencies while abroad.


During the Trip

Take precautions against malaria when you visit areas at risk. Prevent mosquito bites and take malaria pills as advised.

Road safety is important - wear safety belts in cars, helmets on bikes and avoid night time driving.

Abstain from casual sex or practice safe sex with condoms to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Verfiy and consume safe water and food. Have a supply of medicine for self-treatment of diarrhoea.

Excessive sun exposure should be minimised by the use of sunscreen. Sun can be more intense over water, snow and at altitude.

Leave animals alone. Animal bites or scratches can transmit rabies. Seek help if bitten.


If a fever develops during or after the trip, seek competent medical help immediately.


Local Host Nation Travel Health Services

Bielefeld Luise Prufer-Krämer
Furtwänglerstr. 9
33604 Bielefeld
Tel: 0521-5213530 Peter Schmid
Klink 1 Gesundheitsamt Bielefeld
Nikolaus-Dürkopp-Str. 5-9
33602 Bielefeld
Tel: 0521-513879


Paderborn Susanne Gehling
Bonenburger Weg 43
33100 Paderborn
Tel: 05251-16450


Kreisgesundheitsamt Paderborn
Aldegreverstr. 10-14
33102 Paderborn
Tel: 05251-308258


Gütersloh Hermann Brune
Steinmerschweg 11
33332 Gütersloh
Tel: 05241-49493


Goch / Wesel Wolfgang Lynker
Am Nordglacis 63
46483 Wesel
Tel: 0281-3008383