You must indicate on your booking forms that you will be travelling with your pet(s) to ensure that HRG can facilitate you to the best of their ability.


Did you know? Pets are considered a personal responsibility and you may need to make alternative arrangements for them. Your Disturbance Allowance/Overseas Transfer Grant is intended to cover these types of moving costs.

Remember! HRG will do their best to find pet-friendly hotels, however, a booking which accommodates pets cannot be guaranteed.

Please note! Fewer hotels accept cats than dogs!

What if...? You may have to board your pet separately while you are in hotels. Please take this into consideration!


Remember! You must indicate that you are travelling with a pet on your travel request form. HRG will indicate to the service provider that you have a pet but you must ensure you make the payment directly to the provider, otherwise your pet’s travel will not be confirmed.

Don't forget! When confirming your pet’s ferry travel, the provider will also need to know your pet’s breed, weight, passport details and microchip number.

Did you know? If you are travelling with your pet on the Eurotunnel, you must pay at the terminal (£19/€26 per pet).

Remember! It will take longer to check-in if you have a pet, so please check with your provider to ensure a smooth process.