From the 1st Jan 18 new regulation related to winter tyres came into force in Germany. This includes all season tyres fitted during winter months. Previous regulations allowed for winter tyres to be marked with either a snowflake symbol or the Mud & Snow (M&S) symbol. From 1st Jan 18, winter tyres produced for sale, and use, in Germany must be marked with the Alpine symbol also known as the Three Peak Mountain Snow-Flake (3PMSF) symbol, as shown.

Winter Tyres

This symbol determines that the tyre is produced in line with new quality standards of winter tyres.

Winter tyres sold in Germany through a reputable retailer are likely to be sold in line with the new regulations. However, care should be taken when purchasing winter tyres from an online site where the retailer may operate outside of Germany.

A transition period is in place for winter tyres depicting the M&S or snow-flake symbol. M&S and snow-flake symbol marked tyres will remain legally acceptable under the transition period until 20 September 2024.

As a reminder there is no set period for when winter tyres must be fitted to the vehicles; however it is recommended winter tyres should be fitted to vehicles between the period of October – April. Winter tyres do not negate the need to have snow-chains fitted when re- quired.

If you fail to have appropriate winter tyres fitted, when road conditions dictate, you are likely to be fined, receive a road traffic offence as well as affecting the integrity of your vehicle insurance.