Attenborough School held an assembly on 30th April which Brigadier Clements attended to present Jackie Bernal (LSA) and Cory Moors (Chef) with certificates for their outstanding contribution to our school and pupils over the many years they have worked here. Jackie and Cory are exceptional members of staff who regularly go above and beyond what is expected to ensure our pupils really enjoy their time at school. Not only do Jackie and Cory work hard during the day they both also volunteer in the community outside school. 

During the assembly Brigadier Clements also presented Attenborough school with their Elklan accreditation for being a ‘Communication Friendly Setting’. This is awarded to settings that have trained and support all their staff in communication and language development. Over the past 18 months, the staff at Attenborough School have been working together to embed the new skills and strategies shared in CPD sessions, so that we can support all of our children to the best of our abilities and achieve the best outcomes for our pupils. We are very proud to have achieved Elklan Communication Friendly Setting Status. 

Words by Kay Curry