Recently, everyone in Bishopspark Primary School has taken part in a range of STEM activities across the main school, demonstrating impressive planning, construction, modification and evaluation skills. FS have been making bridges and seeing how strong they are; Key Stage 1 have made boats and raced them and Key Stage 2 have made cars that were raced last Friday! All of the children have really enjoyed these projects and the time devoted has provided a range of valuable learning experiences for all. 

On Tuesday 12th March, Key Stage 2 children were fortunate to be invited for a morning of exciting activities at Barker Barracks. The morning was used as an introduction to our STEM projects that have been happening across the whole school. The children were looking at engines, tools and safety equipment. The school would like to say a massive thank you to all of the people involved in 3BN who made the day so enjoyable for the children. A special mention needs to be given to Simon Lemin for organising the activities. 

‘I thought it was fun going to look at the gadgets, playing around with the tools and trying on all of the safety clothes. I wish everyday could be like our STEM day!’ Alex, Peru class 

On Tuesday 26th March, Year 3 went to Barker Barracks for a Survival Day because we are learning about natural disasters and how to survive them. ‘First, we were put into groups to do different activities. We had to build a shelter that we could use after a tsunami. Next, we used a cloth and charcoal to filter and purify water. After that, we learnt how to be a medic so that we could help people after a natural disaster. Our last two activities were learning how to keep warm and then how to light a fire to heat up our ration packs. 

We also had a delicious lunch at JBs which was very good. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped with the day.’, Louie Edwards and Samuel Hackney, Peru Class 

Words by Adam Bennett