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World Book Day 2018 brought a plethora of character costumes which brightened up the entire school! We are also fortunate to have been joined on Thursday and Friday by John Kirk, a storyteller from the UK, who worked with all the children across FS1 and the main school to share his love of reading and stories. He led an assembly for us to launch World Book day on Thursday, telling us all about his favourite story, ‘Just William’. He then re-enacted stories for each of the key stages plus staging workshops with the classes to explore different story types. FS1 and 2 enjoyed listening to the Gingerbread Man and Rapunzel. Key Stage 1 learnt about Anansi and the Stories of the World. Key Stage 2 investigated the narrative poem of The Highwayman, using drama techniques to understand the meaning of the language and story of the poem. We are very thankful to John for squeezing us into his busy schedule and travelling out to Germany to see us.