The idea was to have an alternative to Halloween and to promote Christ as the Light of the world. The evening saw 44 children from around the British Forces Germany community come to the event with many parents staying to join in with the fun and be able to take some time getting to know one another over coffee and tea. In total there where 70+ people in the Church.

The evening was split into two sessions with children aged from 5-10 year olds being first where we played simple party games, made and decorated paper lanterns, face painting with UV paint which Sgt Colin Armstrong provided, enjoyed food and sweets and heard a great talk from Padre Graeme McConville on Jesus being the Light of the world who is always there for you no matter how dark or hard things are.

The second session was for 11+ year olds which saw 11 children come where we played competition games, enjoyed food and cake with lots of sweets, heard a talk by Army Scripture Reader Gavin Dickson, who was dressed as a Knight, on ‘Sir Knight Gavin’ who while being brave in so many ways, is still scared of the dark. The children heard of how Sir Knight Gavin has found a light that never goes out and who with always be there - Jesus the Light of the World. After the talk the children painted, drew and wrote about the things that help them overcome their fears and had an opportunity to paint and draw on a T-shirt with UV paint which was modeled by LCpl Patrick Steen.

All who came had fun and heard about Jesus and it was great to see so many people from different backgrounds - Nepalese, Fijian, German and British. One mother who came to the first session with her youngest children liked it so much she then came back with 3 teenagers who were dressed as vampires and clearly not thinking of coming beforehand.

One of the three teenage ‘vampires’ wrote a poem about light

No matter what,

It’s always there,

No matter what,

You’ll always need it.

No matter what,

Your light will ignite your darkest times.

No matter what,

Your light will help you when you’re alone.

No matter what,

It’s always there for you.


The event would not have taken place without the support of Cornelius Trust who supported financially and prayerfully and the team who came and helped run the event, many Serving SASRA Members and Supporters and the local Church community. As the children left they were given a UCB Bag of Hope with Christian tracts, puzzles and meaningful chocolate. The Light Party was great, a wonderful opportunity to showcase the church and to point many to the Light of the world, Jesus.

Written by ASR Gavin Dickson