The penultimate SASRA weekend took place in Church House Lubbeke Germany. The setting of
Church House is wonderful, relaxing and with great food and staff who strive to make all who come
through the gates feel welcomed and as if at home.

There 46 people from around the BFG community, soldiers and families, UKBC and local Germans,
gathered to hear teaching from William Wade, former Army Scripture Reader, and now a Pastor in
the Hague. The children’s programme looked at the Armour of God from Paul’s letter to the
Ephesians taking a journey to Ancient Rome, making their own armour of shields and swords, having
lots of fun and learning key lessons from the Bible.

William taught on the Biblical Book of Jonah. The teaching was challenging as well as encouraging.
The story of Jonah with rebellion, repentance, and restoration is one that digs deep in the heart of
those who take time to study it and at the Weekend that is what we got. A challenge to go to even
those that we dislike, showing the Love of God even to the wicked and presenting His grace to those
that we would rather have face justice.

In the afternoon of the Saturday, the children had great fun with Archery, competing for the first,
second and third best shots, who won a medal and trophy which they drank ‘Champagne’ from.
During the weekend we said goodbye to Anna and Ollie who have helped and ran the SASRA
weekends Children’s programme for some 7 years. Anna and Ollie have been a great asset and great
friends providing quality teaching and fun for those who have attained these weekends. With
opportunities for new jobs, both will not be there for our final weekend. However, many BFG children
will remember them fondly and will remember not only the great fun but the lessons from the Bible
that it is hoped will shape their lives in years to come.

It is both a joy and a sadness to host the second last SASRA weekend in Germany to equip soldiers
and their family with good Bible teaching and fellowship, yet this has to be so as British Forces
Germany prepares to leave Germany next year.

The final SASRA Weekend will take place 22nd -24th March 2019 where all are welcome and
encouraged to join us for a very special weekend and celebration of 70+ years of SASRA in Germany.

Contact Army Scripture Reader Gavin Dickson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.