Would you be prepared to share your experiences in Germany with us?

The main focus of the project “British Forces in Germany” 1945 – 2019 concerns the history and everyday experiences of people. These experiences will be taken from across the ranks (male and female), alongside civilians and includes their British and German families, dependents, neighbours, colleagues and friends. Dr Bettina Blum from Paderborn University is leading the project. She has already managed and led previous projects and exhibitions on this subject, which were presented to the public in Paderborn and Düsseldorf.

Sarah Korsikowski, Steven Bagnall and Roy McIntosh are providing support with their own separate research into parallel related projects. The feedback that we have already received shows that the British presence has brought numerous customs, hobbies and personal exchanges to Germany – and correspondingly, many encounters and German customs that have and continue to influence the British communities here, up to the present day.

Our aim is to capture a broad variety of British and German perspectives (both ‘negative’ and ‘positive’) and we are therefore interested in your experiences and memories: these could include memories in written exchanges via email, photos (slides, prints, negatives and film), maps, postcards, personal letters, commentaries, programs about events, trophies and all kinds of memorabilia – to borrow, copy and return (we do not need original photos or objects, just scanned copies).

For more information please contact Bettina: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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